What is Cacay Oil?

What is Cacay Oil? Is it better than Rosehip and Argan oil? Find the Powerful Benefits and Uses of Cacay Oil for Skin and Hair. Nourished Life’s best-kept secret.

What is Cacay Oil

Many great oils can benefit your skin in various ways.

For example, Rosehip and Argan oils have been known as the best oils for your skin, and rightly so.

However, a new kid on the block has been making its appearance over the last few years.

Finally, it’s taking its well-deserved number-one spot, and for a good reason.

This kid is called Cacay Oil and was once Nourished Life’s best-kept secret until now.

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What is Cacay Oil?

Cacay oil comes from the Cacay Fruit, found in the South American Amazon Regions mainly in Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru.

The Latin term is Caryodendron orinocense and has many common names such as the Tacay, Orinoconut, or Cacay.

This evergreen tree produces greenish fruits, which contain an inner shell found within the fruits that usually contain around three nuts.

Cacay Fruit

Here, the oil, which is cold-pressed from the nuts producing this fantastic Cacay oil, benefits the skin and hair.

Nuts from Cacay Fruit

The fruit itself has many benefits of its own, and perhaps this helps with the added benefits the nuts contain along the way.

What are the Cacay Oil Benefits and Uses

This tree produces many other benefits, but we will focus on the benefits of Cacay Oil for the skin for this article.

You will also find why Cacay Oil benefits your skin due to the properties it possesses.

  • Increase and improve Hydration Help reduce wrinkles and aging
  • It helps fade stretch marks and scars
  • High source of Vitamin A and E
  • Packed with Linoleic Acid
  • Helps restore collagen
  • It helps to heal and prevent acne
  • Provides Nourishment for the hair
  • High Vitamin E helps to thicker hair
  • It prevents split ends,
  • Repairs Damaged hair
  • Nourishes the scalp to reduce flaky skin


Cacay Oil Properties

Once you see the many benefits Cacay Oil has compared to other major skin oils, you will quickly know why it is becoming the new King of Oils for your skin.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is vital for skin health and healing, along with its nourishing properties.

Cacay is rich in vitamin E; in fact, it has 50% more than Argan Oil which is also known for its enormous benefits for the skin.

The Vitamin E found in Cacay Oil will also help against sun damage you may have if overexposed to the Sun.

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A helpd to improve the skin by stimulating the skin cells and, as a result, helps to lessen areas like wrinkles, and deep-set lines like those crow’s feet marks around the eyes.

Cacay Oil has three times more vitamin A than Rosehip Oil, another major feat worth mentioning.

Not only does this help further with wrinkles, Crow’s feet, and other deep-set lines, but it also helps to boost collagen production.

A Major issue for many women going through and past the menopause stage.

As we grow older, collagen production is not being stimulated as expected, thus slowing the production down, and as a result, signs of aging start to show.

Having such a large amount of Retinol (Vitamin A) will undoubtedly give a boost to keep your skin firmer, and smoother with less visible marks, including spot marks some may have.

Due to the high Retinol Cacay Oil has, this helps the skin pores to remain unclogged. Less clogging means fewer blackheads, whiteheads, and less acne.

It will also mean fewer bacteria usually found in blocked pores, thus avoiding acne’s new formation.

You will also find that the higher and better quality of Retinol found in Cacay Oil can help lessen and even eliminate those red scar marks found due to bad acne.

Linoleic Acid:

Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid and is essential in protecting the outer membrane of skin cells.

It will also protect the skin’s barrier and help to retain moisture in the skin.

Linoleic Acid is also called Vitamin F; this is an essential fatty acid that isn’t created by the body.

Instead, it is found in foods and oils such as Cacay Oil which is in plentiful supply.

The Linoleic Acid in Cacay Oil is twice the amount found in Argan Oil, again showing the powerful benefits Cacay Oil has.

Another reason why this is now becoming a significant player in the skin and beauty industry.

You will also find that a lack of Linoleic acid within the sebum which is the skin’s natural defence oil creates more issues for those prone to acne breakouts.

Cacay Oil Side Effects

I have searched extensively for any side effects, and there is no research or otherwise to state if Cacay Oil has any side effects.

Of course, with any product you use for the first time on your skin, always do a patch test to be safe.

But from what I have searched, there aren’t any issues.

Pure Cacay Oil with no additives is the best to use and is safe for all skin types, from dry to oily.

How to use Cacay Oil

How to use Cacay Oil

The simplest way is to use 2-3 drops of Cacay oil, massage the oil onto your face and neck at least twice a day, that is, morning and night.

If you have any scars or stretch marks, the same procedures will apply.

Gently massage into the affected areas and part of your routine, and they will fade away at its worst and hard to see.

You can use it on its own or if you feel the need under your usual moisturizer but not necessary.

Remember, it is absorbed into the skin pores very quickly.


Where can you get Cacay Oil?

We know Argan Oil skin oil, but as seen above, I believe that Cacay Oil is far superior to both Argan and Rosehip oils when it comes to skincare and your skin health.

At Nourished Life Australia, all products go through strict criteria before allowing their products on the market.  Cacay Oil, 100% Pure with no extra additives, is the best way to go.

You will find their products meet strict criteria along with being Organic and Vegan-friendly.

If you value your skin health, then 100% Pure Cacay Oil is the way to go, one that your skin will love, and you will too.

Remember, your skin is your first line of defense, so always look after it.

Start to enjoy the feeling of smoother, much more hydrated skin and fewer wrinkles along with a glowing face.

You deserve it, and your skin does too.

Check out the Cacay Oil via Nourished Life Australia.

Life Basics Pure Cacay Oil


As you can see, Cacay Oil is more than a major player and to be more potent than Rosehip and Argan Oil is a bold statement, but the proof is in the pudding.

I hope I have provided you with helpful information, and that you now know what Cacay Oil and its uses and benefits for your skin are.

Try Cacay Oil, and let me know how well it worked for you.

Just leave a comment below, and I will get back to you ASAP, knowing that the information I have provided will benefit not only you but your skin as well.

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