Why Do My Feet Smell Like Vinegar

Foot Odor Smells Like Vinegar

Why do my feet smell like vinegar? Well you are not alone everyone gets food odor, some worse than others. Bromodosis is the medical term for smelly feet. Learn how to avoid foot odor below The feet sweat more than you may realize.  According to USCDS, approximately 250,000 sweat glands are present on the feet.  … Read more

Learn How to Boost Breast Milk Supply

Learn How to Boost Breast Milk Supply

Concerned you may have a low milk supply during breastfeeding? Learn the reasons why and how to boost breast milk supply to benefit both you and your baby. Overview A common concern particularly for new mothers is that they may have a low milk supply; as a result, many may feel that their baby may … Read more

Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy

Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy

You are bringing new life into this world. Getting some added Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy will help give your child the best chance in life before birth. Overview Before you can take care of your new baby after birth, you need to take care of yourself and your child before birth. There are many … Read more

How to Treat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. Learning how to treat stretch marks during pregnancy is beneficial knowing what to avoid while pregnant is vital.    Please Note: Stretch marks are not harmful to your baby or yourself nor do they create any medical issues. Stretch marks can appear in both males and females of all ages … Read more

What is an Air Compression Leg Massager

Air Compression Leg Massager

Using an Air Compression Leg Massager helps boost circulation and stimulates blood flow to relieve those tired and aching legs even relax tight calf muscles. Overview Air compression massagers have and are still used in Hospitals for many patients recovering from certain medical conditions to help improve their blood circulation and reduce swelling along the … Read more

Magnesium Benefits for Women

Magnesium Benefits for Women |Relieve PMS

Essential for Both Men and Women, however, Magnesium Benefits for Women can help fight against these 8 Signs Due to Magnesium Deficiency Women face in Life. Magnesium Benefits For Women Overview Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a vital role in our health and is required for over 300 interactions within the body. Magnesium … Read more