Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy

You are bringing new life into this world. Getting some added Tips to a Healthy Pregnancy will help give your child the best chance in life before birth.

Tips to a Health Pregnancy
Giving Your Baby a chance in Life Before Birth


Before you can take care of your new baby after birth, you need to take care of yourself and your child before birth.

There are many things to take into consideration during pregnancy.

This is not just for your health and wellbeing but also for your unborn.

What you do to your body can affect your unborn child during their development as they grow within you.

Taking care of your health for yourself may have been different or for some all over the place before falling pregnant.

However, The Rules of Life Have Changed.

You are taking the health and well-being level up more than one notch.

In fact, you are taking that level to a higher degree as you are now getting ready to bring a new life into this world.

Think of that for a moment: Bringing a new life into this world. Amazing isn’t it?

Now it’s time to step up and benefit from learning how to keep healthy during pregnancy.

Not only how to keep healthy, but help to make sure your newborn will have the healthiest chances before they are born.

There are many areas that may need improving depending on your current lifestyle.

Changes may (or more likely will) need to be made along the way both during and after birth.

There will be some sacrifices to make but it is all for a good reason, Your Baby.

So learning or adding some new ideas and tips for a healthy pregnancy will go a long way.

You will be able to ensure your baby’s health; wellbeing and development are working at their best in life before they are born.


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Tips To a Healthy Pregnancy

Eat Healthier Foods.

We know of the many benefits of eating healthy and are important for anyone.

However, for the women who are pregnant, this now becomes even more vital for the proper growth and development of your unborn child.

Firstly let’s get rid of a common myth


“Now you are pregnant you need to eat for two.”

This is one myth to avoid and is completely false.

While it is important to gain a healthy weight during pregnancy, eating for two can lead to other complications.

This can result in gaining too much weight not just for yourself but also for your baby.

Many pregnant women may find by eating too many calories has been known to cause gestational diabetes.

As a result; this can increase the sugar levels of your baby and put them at risk with type- 2 diabetes and obesity.

 Is eating for two worth the risk to you both?

On the opposite end not gaining enough healthy weight during pregnancy is also a problem.

This can result in low birth weight, premature delivery, and even developmental issue.

Always consult your doctor and ensure you are sticking to any healthy eating plan discussed together.

Your baby needs the right nutrients and minerals to grow healthy and build a strong immune system while in the womb.

The Solution

Healthy eating will not only make you feel good but also give your baby the right and essential nutrients needed for their growth within the womb.

Focus on a more balanced diet from the 5 food groups we all have been given over the many years.

Fruits, vegetables, and legumes

Whole-grain bread and cereals

Low-fat milk, Yoghurt (not the flavored kind as they have too many sugars) Greek Yoghurt with probiotics is best.

Low fat lean meat and poultry, Omega 3 fish care avoid fish containing mercury)

Try Healthy Food Swaps

This is a great way to help also avoid some of those cravings many pregnant women will get.

Doing a healthy food swap will not only change those cravings but in fact will be healthier for your both.

Here are some ideas:

  • Instead of Ice Cream swap it for Yoghurt like the Greek style types with probiotics.
  • Swap chips for plain unsalted popcorn, there may be no real nutrition in the popcorn but there will be no added butter or any calories to worry about either.
  • Rather than having white bread, or rice and pasta swap this for wholegrain types which are healthy for you anyway.
  • When cooking swap the frying of foods and instead go for baking and grilling food.
  • Steam your vegetables which are always better than baking or at times over boiling vegetables where you can lose added nutrients.
  • Stop adding salt, instead add pepper which is always better for your health in many ways.
  • Swap sugar on top of your wholegrain cereals and add some fruits like berries instead.
  • Many types of nuts are good for you but avoid the salty type. Choose having unsalted nuts like Cashews, Macadamias, Brazil and Pecans nuts.


The only caution to note is that if you already have or suspect you may have a nut allergy then don’t take the risks. (I can’t vouch for your partner that is your decision).

Prenatal Vitamins

This should always be in consultation with your doctor.

Taking daily prenatal multivitamins can help ensure you are getting the necessary added vitamins along with folic acid, iron, and calcium.

Stay Hydrated

During pregnancy, you will find the need to have more water than normal.

Yes, it may result in going to the bathroom more but in the process keeping up your hydration levels is vital for the baby’s needs as well as yours.

Aim for at least 8-12 cups of water each day. This will help with digestion and it also helps form the amniotic fluid around the fetus.

Water help to circulate the many nutrients and blood to circulate in the body while helping to aid in better motions as waste leaves the body.

When talking about staying hydrated this doesn’t include the next tip to a healthy pregnancy as it is not healthy.

Avoid Alcohol

Sorry about that for those who like a drink or two.

Avoiding alcohol, especially during pregnancy and indeed during breastfeeding will be the best for your both. It also saves you dollars in the long run as well.

Alcohol in fact increases the risk of what is known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

This a serious issue here, as this can create severe learning disabilities along with many behavioral issues in life for your child. 

Even at an early stage of development, this can harm your baby and its growth.

So please if not yours at least for your baby’s sake, avoid alcohol at all costs.

Maintain Your Prenatal Care Check-ups

Always keep in touch with any prenatal care from your health care provider. This will help to ensure what is happening along with your pregnancy and to help ensure all is going well as planned.

If you can join a mother natal group even better check with your doctor for further advice on any local groups within your area.

Avoid Certain Foods.

Although I mention some healthy foods there are some to avoid especially during pregnancy.

You may already be happy with certain foods but now you are pregnant it is best to avoid some even when breastfeeding.

Some of these foods you will want to avoid anyway while some you may need to give up for a while for the health and safety of your child.

Always best to eat foods that are freshly prepared and freshly cooked.

Always best to avoid the following for many reasons but mostly with some foods, there is a higher chance such foods can contain harmful bacteria such as liste3ria or salmonella.

This can create serious issues not just for you but can be dangerous for your baby and its growth.

Some Foods to Avoid:

  • Processed meats such as salami, Luncheon, Ham
  • Raw meats any type
  • Paté
  • High mercury type fish: Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, Bigeye Tuna and Marlin.
  • Sushi especially those you buy from the store.
  • Ice Cream (refer to Healthy Swaps further above)
  • Unpasteurized (raw Milk)

Don’t Smoke

This is a tough one for many women who spoke but now you are pregnant you need to reassess this unhealthy issue.

Even secondhand smoke should be avoided where you can.

Smoking is unhealthy regardless more so for your unborn child.

There is a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome (DIDS) premature birth, miscarriages, premature labor along with some lung issues as well.

If you smoke, work on giving up ASAP use the thought of your baby’s health as an incentive to give up.

Staying Fit

Continue to stay fit and active, especially in the early days of pregnancy but don’t overdo it.

Avoid strenuous fitness regimes especially if you are into fitness just take it easy and don’t lift weights.

Go more for walks and shorter ones as your baby grows.

Don’t overdo it and where you can try swimming or take pregnancy classes. There are many swimming centers that may hold such classes.

The water helps to take the weight pressure off as your body grows and can take some stress off in the meantime and great opportunity to meet other mothers along the way.


Get Proper Sleep and Rest

Make sure you are getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep.

As your body grows you will feel more tired during the day.

So sleep those hours but also take time to rest during the day as well.

Avoid sleeping on your back as this places pressure on your nerve endings and blood flow.

Also avoid the temptation of bright lights, TVs, and having laptops active while you try to sleep.

There are various ways to can use to block out the light for better sleep.

It is always best to sleep on your left side to take added pressure off your body.

 A good pregnancy pillow will certainly take the pressure off while supporting your body.

Pregnant women laying down on an AngQi Pregnancy Pillows

To help you further you can read more on When is the best time to use a pregnancy pillow to give you not only the benefits as stated above bur also you give you added comfort and support.

Reduce Stress Do Some Meditation

Growing a baby within you will certainly test your stamina and stress levels many times during the day and night.

Learning to take time for yourself is very important not just on a physical level but also on a mental level.

Learning to relax is paramount to your sanity when pregnant.

Try a relaxing bath, learn meditation, and yoga, these are just some tips.

The main point here is to learn to relax and reduce stress levels which is the crucial factor here.

Taking Care of Your Skin Be Prepared

As you gain weight during pregnancy this will be issues such as your skin stretching.

As a result, this will involve is seeing stretchmarks of various colors and shapes in many areas of your body, not just the tummy area.

Although most stretch marks usually fade over time after pregnancy there are various creams that can be used from the moment you find you are pregnant.

The earlier you can help these stretchmarks during pregnancy the easier it will be to reduce much earlier.


These are just some of the tips for a healthy pregnancy and there are many more details on what to avoid both in food and drinks along with your body’s routine.

If you have further questions or further advice you would like to share.

Please feel free to comment below.

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