Is Swaddling Safe? Benefits & Risks of Swaddling

Image of Baby in Blue Swaddling material on Great background

Is Swaddling Safe for my baby? Swaddling has many benefits when done correctly. Swaddling incorrectly increases the risks of SIDS and Hip Dysplasia. Over recent years there have been debates on the benefits & risks of swaddling your baby.  Such debates, cause many new parents concern and ask themselves is Swaddling Safe? Together we will … Read more

Why Do My Feet Smell Like Vinegar

Foot Odor Smells Like Vinegar

Bromodosis is the medical term for smelly feet. Everyone gets food odor, some worse than others. But why do my feet smell like Vinegar? How To Avoid Foot Odor? The feet sweat more than you may realize.  According to USCDS, approximately 250,000 sweat glands are present on the feet.  So no wonder feet tend to … Read more

Why Can’t Babies Eat Honey?

Why Can't Babies Eat Honey

Why Can’t Babies Eat Honey? Babies under 12 months should not be given honey in any form. As the bacteria found within honey can cause Infant Botulism. Overview Although honey has many amazing benefits it is considered a big no-no to give to babies under the age of 12 months. It is highly recommended that Honey … Read more

How To Lose Weight Properly with Java Burn

Java Burn Coffee Drinks and Sachet

Have you ever tried to lose weight only to gain it back on again? If so learn how to lose weight properly with Java Burn and Boost your Metabolism along the way Overview Losing weight can be tough for some while others eat as much as they like and never seem to gain any weight. … Read more

When Is The Best Time to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?

When is the Best Time to Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow

Do you need a pregnancy pillow? Only if you want quality sleep, better pain management for your tummy, hips, and back during your pregnancy term then yes. Overview Finding out the great news that you are pregnant can be a wonderful and exhilarating time, particularly for first-time Mothers to be. However, there will be many … Read more

How to Treat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Stretch marks are common during pregnancy. Learning how to treat stretch marks during pregnancy is beneficial knowing what to avoid while pregnant is vital.    Please Note: Stretch marks are not harmful to your baby or yourself nor do they create any medical issues. Stretch marks can appear in both males and females of all ages … Read more