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Find the Best Natural Organic Products for Bath, Body, and Home. No need for chemicals or toxins to leech into your body’s skin and bloodstream.



About Nourished Life


Nourished Life is your Home of natural organic products for bath, body, and home that are organic, vegan-friendly, cruelty, and toxin-free.


Did you realize that up to 60% of toxic chemicals found in soaps, Skin Care, and other cosmetic products can easily be absorbed via the skin and into the bloodstream? 


Chemicals for beauty's sake? How Healthy is your skin?



We are adding toxic chemicals for the sake of beauty.

Does that sound, right? 

Well, that is what’s happening to you or your family.

It would be best to look at how many of the chemicals mentioned in the image above are used daily.

Don’t forget the Shampoos, soaps, and other products you use for your children and babies as well.


Remember, these are just some mentioned, but there are more lots more.


Toxins in Your Body

There has to be a better way than bringing all those toxins into your body.

Well, now there is.

Nourished Life makes a difference in the world with their natural organic products for bath, body, and home.

Nourished Life products are strictly tested and will not accept any product that fails in any product range.

Regardless of how well known the brand may be.


It is what we don't stock here at Nourished Life


There is a strict ingredient ban list. Rather than repeating it all, you can go here to read how the process is maintained. 

After reading this, you will realize just how widespread the use of the chemicals in such products can be, not only for humans, let alone being tested on animals first.

Animal testing is so cruel


Many well-known companies may even state their products are natural and organic.

However, the problem is a product may state on the front of the label natural and organic, but when you look into the ingredients shown, you will find something quite the opposite to their deceiving claims.

Don’t take it for granted if it states natural and organic until you look more in-depth at the labels.

Do they contain synthetic fragrances?

Once they are in the bloodstream, they can travel anywhere throughout the body that can affect and create some serious issues outside the body and within.

What is even more disturbing is that young children absorb around 40 to 50% of such toxins faster than adults.

So imagine what this is doing to the unborn baby waiting to enter this world.

You realize your body is absorbing many unwanted toxins into your body, and that is just from the sprays, body creams, lotions, and many other products that can be harmful to your body.

What is the solution then?


Although hundreds of products you can get via Nourished life, far too many to mention here.

Here you will find some of the most popular Natural organic products for bath, body, and home just for you with no toxins, no chemicals; many are vegan-friendly and not tested on animals.


Animal testing


No more Animal Testing




Many skincare and cosmetic products are purchased containing many toxic chemicals and use animals in their product testing.

You would be surprised at how many well-known organizations are still testing on animals to this day; some even get private contractors to try on their behalf.


Have you tried Natural and Organic Products for yourself or for your family?

Please let me know in the comment section below how you found them to be.

Perhaps you may have found improvements in your skin or for those around you.


I look forward to hearing from you.







As Always


Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre



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6 thoughts on “Natural Organic Products For Bath Body And Home”

  1. Hi Andre,

    In our household, we’re big fans of these sorts of genuine organic products. I say “genuine” because so many so-called organic products are anything but. It’s just a cash grab.

    I’m pretty certain that my wife has ordered Barenaturals soaps in the past – I’m terrible at remembering this sort of thing, but the logo looks VERY familiar. If I’m right, then yes, I was really impressed by the products. There was no comparison between them and even the luxury brands available in supermarkets & drug stores.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best, al

    • Thanks for the visit and comment Al 

      Yes I do agree there are some who state products are organic yet they add a few extra ingredients later. 

      Would be great to find out if your wife ordered them from Barenaturals they are based in England. 

      The other great part I love about Barenaturals is their World Friendly Candles where for each candle purchased a tree is planted in some of the poorest third world countries such as Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal and Ethiopia.  

      Many of the so called luxury brands contain toxic chemicals that can do much harm long term. I wrote a post on that as well showing some of the well known brands that not only contains such chemicals but also involved with animal testing.

      If you manage to find out from your wife which product was purchased would be wonderful to know.

      In the meantime wishing you the best in all you do in life for yourself and your wife.

      As Always


  2. Your pomegranate and pink grapefruit soap sounds absolutely wonderful. A hot chocolate candle? You get the happiness from hot chocolate without the calories – that’s brilliant! Where did you come up with the idea? I especially like that all the products are cruelty free and simply packaged to avoid waste. To have such nice beauty products without all the awful chemicals is refreshing.

    • Hi Amy thanks for the visit and comment much appreciated. 

      I have to agree with you on such wonderful scents that are incorporated in the organic soaps. Love the idea with the Hot Chocolate with no calories.

       All the products listed are from Barenaturals and as you click on the image this will take you to their site where they can be purchased.

       As it is a British site the original price might show up in British Pounds but if you click the currency at the top right of their page you can choose various other countries of your choosing.

      Yes all the work from creating the skincare to hand pouring the scented candles are all done themselves and they also where possible package in simple and recycled materials as much as possible.

      Don’t forget for every candle purchased they ensure with The Eden Reforestation Project at least one tree is planted in areas of greatest need in some of the third world countries. 

      You can check out what and how the Eden Reforestation help the local villagers to not only learn how to create nurseries for future plants to be reintroduced into the lands but also how this helps to restore the Eco system as well. 

      Should you decide to purchase any of these products let me know how you found the products to be would love to received further feedback.

      Wishing you well 

      As Always 


  3. WOW, that is scary about how the toxins can go into your bloodstream. I also had to stop using store bought products and started making all natural skin care myself. Your soaps look beautifully packaged and really good. Also, love that they are vegan and cruelty-free. Where can one buy?

    • Hi Vandana, 

      Thank you for your comment and yes it is quite scary about many of these toxins. 

      I have written a couple of articles on another website regarding some of these toxins and what they can do. I am in the process of a new article on this website that will explain further the damages some can cause.

      As for purchasing these products you saw just click on any of the images and they will take you directly to Barenaturals site to purchase. 

      You can at the top right on their website changed the currency you normally deal with as well. 

      Should you decided to purchase any products let me know later how you feel about them always good to hear from customers their points of view on the products available. 

      Don’t forget for every candle you purchase you are also helping to plant a tree in areas of great need to some of the poorest countries in the world due to their reforestation project they are partners of.

      Wishing you well in all you do and also with your own products.

      As Always 




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