Bamboo in Clothing

One of the most Eco-Friendly Fabrics is Bamboo; Yes, Bamboo; it’s not just for Pandas and Gorillas but finding Bamboo in Clothing is second to none.

Image of Panda eating Bamboo with Bamboo shoots and leaves with Green background
Bamboo in Clothing it’s not just for Pandas and Gorillas

About Bamboo

Bamboo belongs to the grass family, and although it is known to be one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.

According to the Guinness World Records, the fasting Bamboo plant grew up to 91 cm, about 31 inches per day; however, the growth rate is also dependent on species, the local soil, and climatic conditions.

Most Bamboo plants grow between 3 –10 cm (1.2–3.9 in) per day.

Uses of Bamboo In Clothing

For centuries Bamboo has been used in many forms.

During the Shang Dynasty, around 1600-1046 BC, the paper didn’t exist; weapons such as Bows and arrows were made from Bamboo while also using Bamboo as the writing medium.

Bamboo was used as the writing medium
Bamboo was used as the writing medium

Benefits of Bamboo:

  • Bamboo is one of the most Eco-friendly plants in the world—a Quick-growing, water-conserving plant.
  • No need for pesticides, fertilizers, or insecticides for its growth and protection as it is naturally pest–resistant.
  • Bamboo is much softer and better than Cotton or Lycra.
  • The plantation of bamboo tends to absorb more Carbon Dioxide and greenhouse gas and produce 30% more oxygen than the same amount of trees.
  • Bamboo grows faster and uses less space and water than cotton; this results in being harvested quicker.
  • Antibacterial, and anti-fungal to make it odor-resistant.
  • Hypoallergenic – the fiber in bamboo is an excellent option for sensitive skin and allergies, which are much gentler than those irritating fibers that are human-made.
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable that keeps you dry.
  • Anti-static helps with that unwanted clinging feeling.
  • Thermo-regulating, regardless of the weather will keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer, and give you the comfort your body needs.

Versatile uses of bamboo in clothing better than cotton better than Lycra soothing to the body Share on X

The versatility of bamboo makes it perfect to use in many forms for the home and you.

Bamboo is naturally odor-resistant along with its Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal properties.

It makes perfect sense to use Bamboo in clothing after all; who wouldn’t love to wear soft to the touch, comfortable, odor-resistant, along water-absorbing?

It will be unique just how comfortable you will feel.

Below you will find just some of the apparel for your benefit. For further details on any of the choices below, click on the images that will show you more, which can benefit you or your family.

Bamboo Socks

Anti-fungal, breathable, and moisture-wicking give you that added comfort all day, be it business, home, or physical activities.

Feet sweat a lot, Bamboo socks will help to take moisture away from your feet keeping them dry and odor-free.

Avoid that vinegar smell on your feet.

Super Soft and Comfortable No Show Bamboo Workout Socks for Men & Women & Kids

Bamboo Rayon Workout Socks

Hugh Ugoli Women’s Bamboo Knee High Socks | Comfort Seam Long Dress Socks, Soft & Lightweight | Shoe Size 5-8/8-11, 4 Pairs

Hugh Ugoli Womens Soft Bamboo Dress Socks

Underwear for both women and men

Enjoy the breathable comfort that will feel soft to the skin, yet knowing its odor-resisting and anti-fungal properties will help along the day.

Warm Sun Women’s Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multi Pack Plus Size Stretchy Soft Breathable High Middle Waist Panties Size S-3XL

Women's Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multi Pack Plus Size Stretchy Soft Breathable High Middle Waist Panties S

youlehe Men’s Underwear Soft Bamboo Boxer Briefs Stretch Trunks Pack

youlehe Men's Underwear Soft Bamboo Boxer Briefs Stretch Trunks

Pajamas for Women Reduce Night Sweats

These Pajamas can help reduce night sweats while feeling fresh in the morning.

WiWi Pajamas for Women Bamboo Ultra Soft Pajama Set Short Sleeve Top with Shorts Plus Size Pjs Sleepwear S-4X

Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Shapewear Cami FL2018

Maidenform Women's Comfort Devotion Shapewear Cami

Easily the most popular Fruit of the Loom Men’s Eversoft Cotton Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirts, Breathable & Tag Free

Men's Eversoft Cotton Short Sleeve Pocket T-Shirts,

Great for anyone suffering from that unwanted sweat.

Great styles and excellent can be worn and give you comfort all day, be it at home, work, or play.


What can we say?

Our bubs need not only our attention throughout the day, so why not rest a bit knowing that they are wearing clothes that are soft to their skin yet provide warmth during those cooler days and coolness on those warmer days?

The Guisby Pajamas also come with fold-over mittens to not only keep their hands warm but also to prevent them from scratching their faces.

Bamboo is breathable, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic fabric free from toxins.

GUISBY Bamboo Baby Footed Pajamas with Mittens for Girls Boys, 2 Way Zipper Long Sleeve Sleepers 3-pack

GUISBY Bamboo Baby Footed Pajamas with Mittens for Girls Boys


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fall in bed after a long hard day knowing that the sheets are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin have pesticide-free fiber and have the feeling of silk on your skin without the added expense?

Well, here it is, which is also vegan-friendly that is soft, breathable, and pesticide-free. Plus, it is not chemically bleached but made with only natural, non-toxic dyes.

Bamboo sheets help keep that warmth during the colder days, while their temperature-regulating properties will help to stay cool on the warmer days.

Bedsure Cooling Sheets Set, Rayon Made from Bamboo, Queen Sheet Set, Deep Pocket Up to 16″, Hotel Luxury Silky Soft Breathable Bedding Sheets & Pillowcases, Grey Other colors available

Bedsure Cooling Sheets Set, Rayon Made from Bamboo,

Dental and Oral Healthcare

Dental and oral hygiene Biodegradable, plastic-free Toothbrush activated with Charcoal for added benefits in reducing bad breath.

Better than the plastic types which become unwanted and polluting landfill that doesn’t break down.

Virgin Forest 10 Pcs Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush, Biodegradable Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes, Eco-Friendly Color Bristle Wood Tooth Brushes

Virgin Forest 10 Pcs Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush, Biodegradable

Haircare products

Another great biodegradable product to help the environment.  

Brushes are available in small, medium, or large, which makes them ideal when traveling.

Yet knowing the bristles made from bamboo will help glide through the hair, making De-tangling so much easier, not to mention giving yourself a gentle massage to the scalp.

MRD Hair Brush Set, Natural Bamboo Comb Paddle Detangling Hairbrush, Wide-tooth and tail comb No Bristle, suit for Women Men, and Kids Thick/Thin/Curly/Dry Hair Gift Kit

MRD Hair Brush Set, Natural Bamboo Comb Paddle Detangling Hairbrush

Now you have seen some of the uses and benefits of using Bamboo in Clothing and more; now, the rest is up to you.

Ask yourself this?

Would you prefer odor-resistant, Anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial clothing or ones that allow bacteria to reside and allow odor to build up during the day?

Do you want clothing that is soft and comfortable to wear and doesn’t stick to the body?

How about the little treasure? Would you love to know that not only will it keep your baby comfortable all day, but the thermo-regulating fabric will help to cool them in the warmer months and warmer in the colder months as well?

Do you prefer to see an increased landfill that isn’t biodegradable, thus polluting the lands, or prefer to have a biodegradable product is eco-friendly to the environment and the world?

Did you know that Bamboo produces more than 30% more oxygen into the world than trees covering the same area?

Would you feel at ease knowing that no fertilizer, or pesticides are needed for Bamboo to grow?

The clothes are not toxic and chemical-free. Does that give you some ease with what you are wearing next to your skin?

Well, if you want some or all of the reasons above and want to gain those benefits for you, then having Bamboo in clothing is right for you.

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Final Note:

I would love to hear about your experiences with any of the Bamboo products you may have purchased above.

How did it feel to you wearing this or for your baby? How did that go?

Please leave a comment below.


As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre

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8 thoughts on “Bamboo in Clothing”

  1. Great content about bamboo and now I have better picture about the benefit of fabrics made from bamboo. I realized it is eco-friendly to produce and much softer than traditional cotton or lycra. I enjoyed reading your articles and I did have undergarment made of bamboo which really feel comfortable and quick dry too maybe in future I need to try T-Shirt made of bamboo as well.

    • Hi Erry

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and views plus with what you already have benefited from with the Bamboo clothing. As you already know they do feel comfortable and certainly are quick drying as well.

      Now that you have a post about this you can always click those images above and select your T-shirt as well.

      So Enjoy all the Bamboo clothing and know your skin will be happy for it.

      Take care be well


  2. What a versatile plant I used to have a pair of bamboo socks that I had received as a present before they were the most comfortable socks I had ever worn. Did not know there were so many different things made out of bamboo though until your article. I am interested in the sheets. Have you had any experience with them yourself ? If so how did they hold up on washings ? As Christmas is coming up I bookmarked your store.

    • Hi Cathy

      Thank you for the visit yes they are super comfortable I too didn’t realise how comfortable they were until i got my pair of socks as well. 

      I do have the bed sheets as well and found them to be so comfortable and relaxing with no issue in the wash. but you do need to make sure when washing you don’t add harsh chemicals such as Chlorine bleach as this can weaken the Bamboo fabric but other that careful washing as you would with many other types of material it will last a long time. 

      I have had my sheets for just over a year and they are still just as comfortable as when I got them.

      Definitely bookmark this site as Christmas is coming this will really be a great and welcome gift. As changes come along I will add more on my site as they come.

      And if any of your friends or yourself have sensitive skin this is a bonus wearing Bamboo Clothing


  3. I had never really thought about the health benefits of using bamboo in clothing or items like toothbrushes. I use a bamboo pillow as I have mild asthma and allergies to dust and pollen, so it makes sense to use bamboo in other products for the same reason. I will have to look further into it. 

    • Hi Gary 

      Thank you for the visit and comments. Yes guess many would not realise that you can have toothbrushes from bamboo. not to mention the greater benefits as a result of using them as well.

      I too have a Bamboo pillow which is so comfortable and very breathable as well. Certainly worth having especially with any breathing issues.

      Wishing you well and thank you once more


  4. Hi Andre and thanks for such an educational post.

     I have lived for quite a long on this wonderful planet Earth but never heard about bamboo clothing. Everything you explained about the benefits of this material for clothes is just amazing. It is no doubt that it is Eco-friendly material and so on. 

     I have a couple of questions which I missed. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, so it’s not the lack of where it grows. Why are there so few of these clothing products? How do bamboo clothes feel in the washing machine?  I mean, how durable it is?


    • Hi and thank you for the comment. 

      Yes it is very Eco-Friendly and has been there for a while but it now becoming more in the limelight these days particularly with the types of fabrics that are not so friendly both to the environment and especially to the body. 

      It is great for those with sensitive skin as well. 

      I guess now is the time to expand it’s benefits and that is what I am working on.

       As for the washing machine best not to use any bleach as bleach being a chemical compound can affect the fibres of Bamboo also it can be washed best in cold water (besides cold water will also save on the bills compared to using hot water anyway) 

      However if it is heavily soiled can be used in warm (not hot) water and left to soak for about say 15 mins in a gentle detergent before washing.

      Bamboo is more resilient than Cotton and Lycra and maintains it softness even after washing. 

      So it will last longer and still maintain that soft feeling to the skin. As for drying best to air dry as high heat can also affect the fibres hence the cold wash.

      Hope that answers your questions and thank you for that as well.



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