What Is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens

By | March 29, 2020

So what is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens going through Puberty and beyond? Find the causes of Acne issues, how to clear them, and maintain healthy skin.



What is The Best Acne Treatment for Teenagers

Teenage Acne Issues

What is Acne


Acne ( Acne vulgaris), a common skin disease, generally starts during Puberty, when growing hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells, along with the increase in the body’s natural oil (Sebum).

There are various forms of Acne; some can cause scarring that may require medical intervention as a result.

Although Acne can occur at any age, however, it is during the teenage years when it seems to be most prevalent.

During Puberty, Sebaceous glands activate and produce Sebum, a natural body oil designed to lubricate and protect the hair and skin.


Types of Acne


Acne comes in various types that vary in color, size, and some may even be sensitive to the touch.

• Whiteheads: Small bumps with closed pores with a white or yellowish tip

• Blackheads: Small bumps with open pores, the black coloring is due to oxidation

• Papules: Seen as small red, tender bumps.

• Pimples: Also known as papules that contain pus at their tips.

• Nodules: They are large, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin.

• Cysts: They are painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin that can also cause scarring.


What Causes Acne in Teenagers


Puberty in Teenagers is the time where acne issues begin.

The sebaceous glands are located around the body and are primarily concentrated around the forehead, face, chest, upper back, and shoulders.

It is here, where most of the Teenage Acne begins, as these areas have the highest amount of oil glands, compared to the rest of the body.

As teenager’s bodies start to develop, there is an increased production of hormones known as androgens.

Androgens, in this case, Testosterone, which both males and females have, however, it is in much lower qualities in females compared to males.

Within each sebaceous gland, there is a hair follicle that pushes up through the pores out to the skin, along with the Sebum and dead skin cells.

It is when these become swollen or blocked, various types of Acne can develop, such as pimples, zits, and other skin disorders that can occur and problems begin.

For young females, going through their menstrual cycle, changes in hormones such as estrogen can create further blockages and inflammation.

For teenage males, increased levels of Androgens, such as Testosterone, help with muscular development along with hair growth, both facial and other areas of the body.

This increase in hormones creates more acne issues for males than females, some of which can be quite severe.


Teenage Acne Problems face, neck and shoulders

Acne found most commonly around the Face, Neck, chest, shoulders, and Back


Myths and truths, You be the judge.

Drugs and Medication


Drugs or medications that affect or change the hormone structure within the body are most likely to cause Acne.

Lithium, a drug medication for sufferers of bipolar disorder, has other known side effects, such as acne breakouts, this can be around the face, arms, and legs. If this is an issue for you, then please consult your medical professional to assess the situation.

Young men who take anabolic steroids to build up body mass, can have severe acne issues, the sooner they stop, the faster the Acne will disappear. Not to mention, it could save their life.

Two active ingredients in certain products that will help clean Acne are benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, unfortunately, both have some quite remarkable side-effects to the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide, first created in the early 1900s, was used as a medication for mild to moderate forms of Acne.

Benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria associated with Acne; however, side effects that are common include, skin peeling, flaking skin, and skin dryness.

Teenagers with sensitive skin may experience some burning, irritation, or even redness of the skin. This could last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on how often Benzoyl Peroxide is applied.

Other uses for Benzoyl peroxide are as a bleaching agent, hair bleaching, tooth whiting pastes, and bleaching flour.

Benzoyl peroxide, which was created in the early 1900s, was not regulated as it is today.

Salicylic Acid, has by far more used than Benzoyl peroxide, on the medical side; not only it used for acne issue but to treat for warts, psoriasis, dandruff, and ringworm.

However, like benzoyl peroxide, there are side effects such as burning, which can damage the pores; oddly enough, it is also used in paint and plaster forms.

Interesting how these two ingredients are used for the skin along with totally different applications away from the body.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) presented its findings to warn that products containing benzoyl peroxide and even salicylic acid, could in rare cases, become life-threatening due to allergic reactions.





Can Food Cause Acne issues in Teenagers?

Fast Foods can be a big problem for Teenage Acne


In today’s (fast food) western-style diet, there are many foods such as burgers, fries, hot-dogs, processed foods, sodas, milk, and sugary lollies, already have large amounts of bad fats, refined carbohydrates, and high sugar levels within them.

Some, when fried, make it worse for consumption with the added fats or oils used.

All of which can contribute to increased Acne, as well as adding other health issues.

Cutting down on fast foods, processed foods, along with eating foods with a low GI, can help reduce Acne as well as improving overall health.

Those who are sensitive to certain foods may find an increase in Acne; however, in this case, the best option to take is via a food sensitivity test that can be performed by your medical practitioner, a registered dietitian, or nutritionist.

If you find acne increases after eating certain foods, and you are not sure which foods caused this, an elimination diet can certainly be beneficial, by slowly eliminating and re-introducing foods one at a time to find the culprit.

More experimentation is required on how much food has a factor in causing or adding to acne issues.

Regardless of what findings may be presented, your body is the best judge.

If you find certain foods that increase Acne or make it worse, then you know what to avoid.




One such myth is that dirty skin creates Acne.

This is not the case; however, touching Acne with unclean hands, particularly if the skin is broken or contain pus can add other bacteria present that could make Acne worse.

Scrubbing the skin with harsh soaps, chemicals, or some abrasives can worsen Acne.

Washing with certain fragrant soaps can dry out the skin making the issue worse.

Many cheap scented soaps contain synthetic fragrance oils that do nothing but make the soap smell nice.

There are natural and organic skin-friendly soaps that are free from toxins, preservatives, and contain only natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin overall, including Acne.


Make-up, Creams, and Lotions


There are many well-known brand products for both males and females that may help you look, smell and perhaps even feel great; however, many of these contain toxins and preservatives that are absorbed into your skin, which can be detrimental long term.

This can create many other issues, such as clogging of the pores, dryness of the skin, rashes, irritations, and Acne.


Any severe issues with Acne should be assessed by a qualified practitioner such as scarring, infected Acne, any pain produced.

Other forms of Acne that many be termed mild such as pimples, zits can be taken care of at home.


What is the Best Acne Treatment for Teens


Puberty can be a blessing with growth but can also become a nightmare for some.

As the hormones increase the productivity of Sebrum, those with already oily skin can suffer most.

Therefore, the first point of call for Acne treatment involves taking care of your skin from the start.

This involves certain daily routines that can help to eliminate as many causes that add to the acne issue many teenagers face at this time.

Remember one important thing and that this is your face and body that is with you for the rest of your life.

Now ask yourself these two questions in front of the mirror is best that way you are looking at yourself


1) Do I want to have healthy skin?


2) This won’t happen to me, so I will take my chances of getting possible scarring on my face, body, and elsewhere for the rest of my life because I do not want to do anything about it when young and hoped it will all go away quickly?


Face and Back Scarring due to Acne

Is this how you want your skin to be in life?


Below you will find skincare routine for teenagers along with some fantastic products that will focus on improving your skin while battling the acne saga.

Getting into a daily routine will help to keep the skin clean and fresh.

It is essential to maintain this routine to reduce and gradually eliminate acne issues before they get worse and, for those already with Acne, help overcome such problems in correcting the skin balance.

The following steps will assist.


1) Cleanse daily


Wash your face twice a day which is sufficient enough; use a mild soap that is gentle to the skin.

An excellent soap to use for Acne and, in fact, for the whole body is Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap that includes organic and anti-bacteria properties such as Rose, coconut, and hemp oil.

These organic oils will help combat acne, leaving a nourishing feeling to the skin.

Organic oils include Tea Tree, Hemp, Jojoba, Coconut, and Olive oil.


2) No popping, squeezing or picking


Acne in Teenagers means No popping, squeezing or picking

No popping, squeezing or picking


Yes, there always is that temptation to pop that pimple, especially when you find that unwanted one just before you are going out.

In fact, popping or picking pimples can have a reversed effect, which can push the infection further down and create possible scarring.

Never pick. Picking that pesky acne can result in further inflammation and possible scarring.

This can be especially for young women, as it can aggravate the Acne more with unwanted creams, powders, or makeup that has now been added to the exposed skin.


3) Makeup


For those using makeup, it is best to avoid ones containing oils and chemical additives as they may create further issues by clogging pores.

It is best to use oil-free and water-based products, preferably organic and non-toxic products that are not only safer to use but also works in giving its highest performance for the skin not against this skin.


Best Natural Skincare for Acne


Many products will help with Teenage Acne, some of which I have already mentioned within the daily cleansing section above.

Here are some of the best recommended organic and non-toxic health products for teenage skin dealing with Acne.

These will significantly help you further not only in maintaining healthy skin but also in taking care of those unwanted bumps on your face and body.

Although there may be different products for the young lady or gent, many will work well for either gender.


  • Exfoliate


To help maintain clean and healthy skin, exfoliation is a great way to help remove excess skin build-up.

I would recommend using Juniper Skincare Teen Exfoliant that can be used at least 3 times a week.

This scrub contains Jojoba beads along with Witch Hazel and nettle extracts that help to purify and clean the skin on a deeper level giving you that fresh and healthy skin you always expected in life.


  • Hydrate


Now that you have exfoliated your skin, the next great way to keep your skin hydrated and balanced is using the Acure Oil Control Moisturiser, which helps to control excess oil production.

It may also help to reduce any blemishes you may have.


  • Cleanse


For the girls, the Acure Facial Cleansing Gel is a foaming cleanser gentle to the skin and contains ingredients such as Echinacea Plant Stem Cells.

Superfruit extracts designed to help wash away excess oils designed for various skin types giving you’re a soft look without that drying effect some products give you.

If you prefer to have an all in one option, then the Juniper teen skincare pack, which is also in travel packs, is for you.

This contains an exfoliant, toning mist, cleanser, and lotion, which is an excellent combination to help combat any ongoing breakouts to your acne issue.

These products are excellent for both genders, some work better individually.


Skincare for teenage boys


Now guys, the products mentioned above are great for the teenage girl, but they can be used for boys as well.

However, if you feel the above are too girly for you and want to have your own skincare brands, then the 808 dude products are for you.

As a face wash, use the 808 Dude Zit Free Face Wash, which works as a natural cleanser to help clear the skin with natural organic ingredients such as guarana and ginseng botanicals, which contain the much need antibacterial and antioxidants your precious skin needs.

For those sudden blemishes or spots try the 808 Dude Spot Free Gel which can also help to cut back on any redness or irritation you may have.

Now taking care of your skin is just as important as smelling great, so give the 808 Dude Deodorant a try that will help you stay dry longer and feel great throughout the day.


Just ask yourself how important is your skin, looks, lifestyle, self-esteem, and confidence to you.


Now, as teenagers, you have a great opportunity in life to look after your skin now so you can be proud of what you have done years down the track.

Take action now, and enjoy a healthy and loving skin you deserve and give these options a chance.






Wishing you much enjoyment in life both now and in the future.



As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre




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