What is Frankincense Oil

What Is Frankincense Oil? Known as the King of Oils? Put it this way if it is worthy of the King of Kings, is it for you? Read more on its benefits and uses

Frankincense Essential Oil King of Oils

What is Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense comes from the Genus Boswellia (also known as Olibanum).

The Boswellia tree grows mainly in the Arabian and African areas, including Oman, Yemen, and Ethiopia.

Oman is best known as the main favored source of Frankincense due to its purity compared to other places.

The Ancient Greeks, Romans, and India would trade Frankincense through the old trading routes.

Frankincense has had many uses over the years, from the Ancient Egyptians, where it is commonly used as part of the mummification process.

The Egyptians would use Frankincense in perfumery and cosmetics.

In India, it was primarily used as incense for spiritual purposes, along with Ayurvedic Medicine.

Along with China, the Greeks would use Frankincense to deal with many forms of illness, both internal and external.

Frankincense is highly valued spiritually and used in the Church as incense or resin during various religious ceremonies to clean and purify.

Often used during meditation to open the psychic center and connect with the Crown Chakra.

From Resin to Oil.

What is Frankincense Oil. This is what Frankincense resin looks like before it becomes an oil

Frankincense is originally a resin that comes from the Genus Boswellia, where the tree goes through a process called stripping and, as a result, a milky white sap left to harden and dry over a few days.

This forms a gum-type resin scraped from the tree bark and later sorted for its quality.

To produce the resin to an Essential Oil begins with the steam distillation of the resin.

Here the resin produced becomes the purest volatile oil available and is then bottled in dark glass at its most potent form.

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Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits and Uses.

There are many properties within the Essential Oil of Frankincense, which are as follows:

Anti-oxidant, anti-catarrhal, expectorant, anti-depressive, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and astringent are some of the properties found within Frankincense Essential Oil.

You will notice that all the benefits mentioned below can greatly help boost the immune system, giving you better health overall.

1. Helps fight against Flu and cold.

Containing antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties will certainly work against those colds and flu you may be encountering.

Along with helping to get rid of that dreaded cough.

To help clear the nasal passages, place a few drops into an Oil Diffuser, and enjoy the aroma while it makes your breathing easier.

Having the diffuser helps to keep germs away from anyone else in the room.

Eco Ceramic Mist Diffuser

2. Stress and Anxiety Relief

When adding a few drops into the diffuser, clear the atmosphere will allow the home to feel more at ease and relaxed.

Great to add a few drops to the bath to help you to relax and enjoy the moment.

3. Improve Oral Hygiene

With its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Frankincense will help relieve oral problems to prevent gingivitis, bad breath, mouth sores, and strengthen the gums.

A great example is Living Librations Frankincense toothpaste.

Living Libations - Organic Frankincense Fresh Sensitive Toothpaste

4. Helps with Cell regeneration

As an astringent, Frankincense Oil is great to use for many forms of skin issues.

Its Astringent benefits may help rejuvenate and tighten the skin’s skin and wrinkles around the eyes.
You will find It can help to reduce stretch marks and fading scars.

5. Improve sleep function

Frankincense Oil reduces cortisol levels aiding in better sleep, which can go hand in hand in relieving stress and anxiety.

This is great to use with a diffuser, as it will also help clear the nasal passages to make breathing much easier and more comforting to fall asleep quicker.

6. Improve spiritual connection

Considered powerful spiritually, Frankincense is ideal to use and connect with the Crown Chakra (hence being called the King of Oil), thus opening the crown Chakra and allowing a greater flow and connection to higher loving energies.

Great to use in a burner, as incense, even diffuser while meditating.

7. Improve Breathing

With its Anti-Catarrhal and expectorant properties, it will help with Bronchitis, Asthma which can help to clear and aid in easier breathing.

It will also help to dry excess mucus.

8. Calming and soothing

Frankincense is a wonderfully calming oil that can help to soothe and calm the mind and emotions, thus helping relieve a lack of insecurity, confusion, and nervous depression.

Frankincense Cautions

However, there are no known adverse side effects; however, it is generally best to avoid it during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

Should you be pregnant or nursing, please consult a qualified Aromatherapist or medical practitioner, preferably one who understands essential oils and natural remedies.

Remember that Frankincense Fragrant oils are not used for any health benefits as they are synthetically made and do not process any properties mentioned above.

Here are some great Frankincense oils to choose from to help you out.

Please note if you are not sure of how to dilute, you will also find many oils pre-diluted with carrier oils in the listing below.


Have you used Essential oils before?

Let us know how you went and what benefits did you received in its use.

For those who used Frankincense spiritually, I would love to hear from you, and perhaps you have some great ideas that you created in connecting to your higher self.

Please provide your comments below, as many can benefit from your wonderful experiences in using Frankincense oil.

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As Always 

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre

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10 thoughts on “What is Frankincense Oil”

  1. Thanks for all of your insight on this product that I’ve only heard about, mainly for being part of the gold / Frankincense / Myrrh package of gifts given to Christ, from the Kings of the East. Frankincense sounds very beneficial and like something I probably ought to try, as I’ve already seen from you a few possible personal applications. Looking forward to trying out one of these products you’ve mentioned.

    • Hey Kevin

      Thank you for your comment much appreciated. 

      Yes as you have read there are many benefits Frankincense Oil can have and glad you have found some applications that can be beneficial to your health.

      Let us know how it all goes should you try out any of the products mentioned would love to hear the results.

      As Always


  2. Hi and wow, I had no idea frankincense was used for so many different health benefits. Thank you so much for sharing this with your site visitors. I personally am trying to live a healthier lifestyle and slowly but surely changing my habits and diet. I will look at your site in more detail for more helpful tips on what I can do to be healthier. Thanks for sharing, Kenny

    • Hi and thanks for the visit and your comment Kenny. Frankincense certainly has many health benefits apart from the wonderful aroma it possesses.

      Great to hear about living a healthier lifestyle as these days there is so much unhealthy food available many may not realize the long-term harm it can do to the body. 

      That is why essential Oils can help play a wonderful and active part in improving not only certain health aspect but also for the mind and soul as well.

      Please do re-visit as I intend over time to add more regarding other healthy options available to all.

      As Always 


  3. Wow, I knew nothing about frankincense before reading this post. (Well, except the birth of Christ part). I didn’t know that it could be used for so many health, medicinal, spiritual purposes. Wondering what it actually smells like. Is it kind of a woody fragrance or musky, floral? I’ve always thought about getting an essential oil diffuser but still haven’t done it. Whenever I read articles like yours about the benefits of specific essential oils it keeps reminding me that I should get a diffuser already 🙂 Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Lynne

      Thank you for the visit and comments much appreciated. Yes as you know Frankincense was one of the great gifts given at the birth of Christ child as it was one of the most highly prize gift one could give. IT has a spicy, woody and earthy aroma which I love to use since I was a kid. 

      Great that you have been thinking with getting an essential oil diffuses as that is a great way to help in cleansing the area around you not only to have a wonderful aroma around the home but if you are into meditation and all things spiritual it is also a wonderful essential oil to use there. 

      Wishing you well and sending love and light to all


  4. Hey Andre, and thank you for sharing!

    Hey Andre, and thank you for sharing!I have never used this type of oil before. Is it something we eat? Referring to the first picture. Is there any downside with this oil product? Do you know what toothpaste has frankincense or how the oil can be taken for bad breath?


    • Hi Stein
      Thank you for the visit much appreciated. As for your questions here are some thoughts on it.

      1) is it something we eat?

      The first picture at the top is what the resin looks like however, I would not recommend eating the resin.
      I know there are pills and liquid forms on sale to take internally. Some have reported having gastric pain and nausea for some when taken internally as stated above.
      Be aware should one take them internally they should first see a qualified medical practitioner or Aromatherapist and only under their guidance would one take it in oral form.

      2) Any Downside to the oil?

      There is still a lot of debate if Frankincense oil is safe for pregnancy but this is the same for many other oils along with herbs and prescribed drugs so it would be best not to take any during this stage but also again consult a qualified practitioner and only under their guidance.

      Essential oils are very powerful as is and to some, there may be a reaction due to sensitivity on the skin that is why if applied to the skin a small patch test should be taken. As essential oils only a few drops are needed for various conditions however due to its potency carrier oils are used and blending with a particular essential oil.

      3) How can the oil be taken for bad breath?

      There are various places where you can get Frankincense as either a toothpaste or blended within a paste. If you look at the post you will find that I mention about oral care and there is a toothpaste from Living libations which can be purchased by clicking on the link above.

      Hope that has answered your questions and please let me know how you go should you take any of the Frankincense products mentioned above. Would love to hear further reviews on any results taken.

      As Always


  5. Hello Andre,
    This is a very compresensive article regarding Frankincense.
    My family has used essential oils as long as I can remember. When I was a child I saw essential oils in my grandmother’s house but didn’t know their significance.

    For many years now we have used Frankincense and many other essential oils in our home. Often times we use a diffuser with a combination of myrrh and frankincense to keep clear heads and calm spirits in the home. Periodically I use a couple of drops under the soul of my feet for prevention and overall body, emotional and spiritual well being. I alternate that with a couple drops of thieves oil blend for prevention and healing.

    I feel real special and privileged in my mind to have and use precious oils like Frankincense. That and myrrh are the same oils that were presented to the Christ Child by the three wise men. According to biblical accounts, frankincense represented divinity.

    I also started reading topics under your Spirituality tab. There is so much interesting material here; I will visit again to explore more. Your whole site is filled with wonderful subjects to learn from. Thank you for so much goodness!

    Blessings and best regards,
    Vanna Pearl

    • Hi Vanna

      Thank you for visiting this site and also for your comments so much appreciated.
      It is great to have someone who has used Essential oils and in this case Frankincense.
      I agree with you as Myrrh and Frankincense do go well together.

      Guess it is no wonder both along with Gold were gifts given to the
      Christ Child.

      There are so many more benefits of using Frankincense that would require another article on it.
      Perhaps that is why they called Frankincense the King of Oils.

      As for the other areas within the website thank you for looking into them as well. Please do comments when you get the chance.

      Sending blessings with light and love



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