What Are The Chakras And Their Meanings

Chakras are not of the body, yet are with the body to bring oneness to the Four Quadrants of Life being the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.

Chakras, Crystals and their meanings

If Chakras or not of the body then what are Chakras and Their Meanings

Two thoughts

1) Wheel

The Sanskrit word for “Chakra” means “Wheel.”

Therefore Chakra represents the wheel of movement or the wheel of life that is endless like the circle.

Chakras are vortexes of energy that create the spinning wheels into action.

You will find many different versions of what such wheels look like. Search the internet and see what feels right to you.

For ease of reference, I have provided this version for three main reasons.

• The First shows the names and locations of the seven individual Major Chakras, both in English and Sanskrit.

• The Second shows the main attributes each Chakras works on.

• The Third shows the second of the two thoughts that lay within the Spinning Wheel as described above and below.

2) The Lotus Flower

Being a sacred and highly revered flower, The Lotus has become the symbol of the Chakra for many who wish to use this image rather than the version of the spinning wheel.

In this way, one can visualize this as either opening or closing like a flower.

When the flower is closed, this energy is underactive.

This can lead to illness and other negative situations.

When the flower is too open (flatten-like appearance), it would indicate it is overactive, thus going to the opposite ends of being.

When the flower is opened gently and is in no danger of closing or being too wide open, then it is said a balance is maintained.

Each Lotus flower is represented by a certain number of petals, depending on the location of the Chakra (Refer the above image).

According to the Tantric system, the petals can range from 2 to 1,000 petals.

Chakras are not of the body, yet are with the body Share on X

As stated in the beginning, Chakras are not of the body, well not in the physical sense as the heart, brain, kidney, etc. there are no spinning wheels or flowers in physical form within the body.

Yet they are with the body via the energy of which life is comprised.

Like the mind, it is not a physical form but still operates and is associated with being part of the body.

Where one believes they are being affected, the mind, although not a physical object, can pack a powerful punch that can feel quite real and, at times, painful.

On the flip side, it can place you in a state of bliss and happiness that may give you that feeling of freedom and joy within you.

The same would be for emotions, it is not in physical form, however, depending on the action taken when dealing with different levels of emotions and situations (both positive and negative), can make the realization of such emotions real.

This action can produce pains in the stomach from laughing too much, or sadness can create pain in the stomach where one could physically become sick.

The mind and emotions often go hand in hand, and Charkas are the same in that they are not physical. Yet, any imbalance, even an overbalance, could produce many of the thoughts, feelings, and even physical actions as described above and more.

In fact, the mind, emotions, and energy of the chakras are all part of each other, affecting the physical body, mind, soul, and spirit. (This is for both positive and negative actions).

So, where are they if not in the body?

The physical body is only one of seven forms of bodies that co-exist and interconnect with each other.

Each of these bodies vibrates at a different energy, and as they descend towards the physical body, the energy becomes in a denser form.

The physical body is the densest of all. Hence, you can see, move, and experience life in this physical form that you currently exist in.

Just like the Chakras, the bodies are not normally seen by human eyes, but as one learns to re-align from within.

One will find that balance in body, mind, soul, and spirit; then, one could sense and know what each body feels like, perhaps see with the Third Eye Chakra.

There is no curiosity to know what the various bodies look like at this development stage; one would be without questioning a higher source.

The 7 chakras reside within the second body, the Etheric body, which is pretty much identical to the physical body but lies outside. It is about a couple of inches outside the physical.

The Etheric Body is the connection between the physical and the other higher bodies.

To some degree, it controls the balance and stability of the health of the physical body.

However, whether willingly or otherwise, the conscious mind can allow negative energy to penetrate and create that “disease” of the physical body.

As there is a lot to cover on the various bodies and keeping this article from becoming too large, you can read more on The Seven Bodies of existence here.

For now, let’s continue back to the chakras.

Major Chakras

There are seven major chakras located within the body system (more on this later), with each one working on its own qualities, as shown in the top image.

However, they need to be in alignment to balance the body at all levels, as described.

As such, there are always overlaps and interconnections between every chakra.

Sometimes, they can overcompensate due to another chakra that may not be in harmony as it should.

These seven chakras are associated with the alignment of the body towards the spine region. (As shown in the top image at the start).

Now, although each chakra has a location they are associated with, as stated above, there is always an interconnection with each chakra.

This allows for what is already established, hopefully, to grow and maintain a healthy outlook and balance in life.

At other times, there may be a weakening found within the auric field; this can actually result from many illnesses in human living and lifestyle; however, it may be soft or strong for the individual.

Overview: The Seven Chakras

Before going further, you will find below an overview of the seven chakras.

As there can be much to discuss on each Chakra, it will be best to do proper justice to mention them separately and in more detail in future posts.

To read more in-depth meaning relating to each Chakra, you can click on the Chakra name, which will lead you to that particular Chakra.

There are main ways that Chakras can be used, combined with other modalities and methods.

However, all in all, that result is aimed toward the same concept.

To help re-align and balance all aspects of the Four Quadrants being the Body, mind, soul, and spirit.

The connection

The first three of the Chakras, starting from around the base of the spine ending towards the abdomen.

These three Chakras generally relate to the physical aspects of life.

The Lower Chakras

The First or Root Chakra

The First or Root Chakra
First or Root Chakra Also Known as the Muladhara

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Other Names: The Root or Earth Chakra

Location: Located at the base of the spine or coccyx area.

Function: This Chakra relates to stability, grounding, financial and security aspects.

Alignment: When in balance, you feel safe, secure, and confident in yourself.

Associated Colour: Red

The Second or Sacral Chakra

The Second or Sacral Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana

Other Names: Sacral Chakra

Location: Located in the lower abdomen just above the pubic bone and the navel.

Function: This Chakra relates to Sexuality and Emotions.

Alignment: When in balance, you are comfortable with your own sexuality, feelings, and emotions with yourself and others.

Associated Colour: Orange

The Third or Solar Plexus Chakra

The Third or Solar Plexus Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Manipura

Other Names: Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Located above the navel and just below the breastbone area.

Function: This Chakra relates to personal power, ego, and self-mastery.

Alignment: When in balance, you feel in harmony with oneself and others.

You are in control without the need for Ego.

Associated Colour: Yellow

Interconnecting Chakra

As the first three Chakras represent the physical, the next chakra, although it is also a spiritual chakra, also acts as the balance or interconnection between the first lower three and the three upper spiritual chakras soon to be mentioned.

The Fourth or Heart Chakra

Chakras and their meanings The Fourth or Heart Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Other Names: Heart Chakra

Location: Located towards the center of the chest.

Function: This Chakra relates to unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others.

Alignment: When in balance, you find unconditional love, which gives you Freedom, Joy, and Gratitude.

Associated Colour: Green

The Upper Three Chakras

The Fifth or Throat Chakra

Chakras and their meanings The Firth or Throat Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Visuddha

Other Names: Throat Chakra

Location: Located in the throat region.

Function: This Chakra relates to communication and expression for you and others.

Alignment: When in balance, you can communicate with others without criticism or judgment effectively. This also applies to communicating with yourself.

Associated Colour: Blue

The Sixth or Third Eye Chakra

Chakras And Their Meanings The Sixth or Third Eye Chakra
Sixth Chakra Ajna

Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Other Names: Third Eye Chakra

Location: Located towards the center of the forehead between the eyes.

Function: This Chakra relates to intuition, insight, also clairvoyance (ability to see non-physical energy)

Alignment: When in balance, you expand awareness, insight, and connection with the higher consciousness of ALL THAT IS.

Associated Colour: Indigo

The Seventh or Crown Chakra

Chakras and their meanings The Seventh or Crown Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Other Names: Crown or Supreme Chakra

Location: Located towards the centre of the top of the head.

Function: This Chakra is the gateway to pure consciousness and source connection (ALL THAT IS).

Alignment: When in balance, you find yourself living in harmony and connecting with all life, both physical and spiritual.

Associated Colour: Violet

As one progresses forward in life and re-aligned between all Chakras, you will find a much greater sense of connection and oneness.

This shift occurs when you start to become aligned with the Four Quadrants of life. 

In the next post, we will discuss more on the First or Root Chakra.

Until then, may the blessings and energy of light bring forth peace and harmony within.

As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre
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