What Is The Muladhara Chakra

What Is The Muladhara Chakra Root or First Chakra

What Is The Muladhara Chakra also is known as the Root or First Chakra and how essential is it in connection with the physical and spiritual?

The Muladhara Chakra

What Is The Muladhara Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara.

Other Names: The Root or Earth Chakra

Location: Located at the base of the spine or coccyx area.

Attributes: This Chakra relates to stability, grounding, financial and security aspects.

Associated Colour: Red

Associated Foods: Red Foods such as red apples, strawberries, red cabbage, and beetroot. Other foods with roots, such as carrots, and ginger together with high protein foods such as eggs and meat.

No of Lotus Petals: 4

Seven Parts

There are many Chakras, both major and minor but for now we will discuss the seven major Chakras that are of prime importance for the maintenance and well-being of the physical body.

In this 7 part series, we will discuss the seven individual Chakras along with their elements, associations, attributes and much more.

Chakras are the essentials of maintaining the balance of the body in order to bring back the re-alignment of the physical to the other three of the Four Quadrants.

The Four Quadrants are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Understanding the Chakras relating to the Physical Body

Chakras are important energy systems often thought of as spinning wheels or a vortex of energy.

For some, they can be seen as Lotus flowers with certain flower petals associated with them depending on the locations of that particular Chakra.

The petals can range from 2 to over 1,000 petals.

Some who meditate on the chakras can either imagine the lotus flowers opening or visualize these spinning wheels that then activate the next wheel in motion as they progress upwards.

As mentioned in the title the first chakra is essential for grounding in the physical in order to connect to the spiritual.

Grounding, what about the feet?

When you look at the chart on the positions of the various chakras, you will notice that they tend to start from the Coccyx or base of the spine (First chakra) right to the top of the head which is the Crown Chakra.

Yet the body starts from the feet, not the spine.

Chakra position on the body

There is another Chakra known as a minor chakra which is called the Foot Chakra.

So let’s discuss first this Foot Chakra as this is a related and essential part of the Root or First Chakra.

The Foot Chakra

Foot Chakras

The Foot Chakra is located at the sole of the foot.

Heard the saying “Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground:

To activate the Root Chakra the starting point is here, in the Souls of the Feet which is the true connection point to grounding with Mother Earth.

To keep yourself firmly upon the ground you would imagine sending roots into the ground like roots to a tree.

Hence the second part of the saying “Planted on the ground”

Deep Roots firmly planted on the ground
Deep Roots firmly planted on the ground

Once the roots are planted Mother Earth sends its vital energy up the roots via the sole of the feet towards the root chakra.

As this energy rises to the Root Chakra it activates the connection process up toward the other chakras right up to the Crown Chakra and beyond.

So as you can see the Foot Chakra is associated and is really part of the Root chakra, it is vital in any mediation to start off with that enables you to be grounded.

This grounding connection will also allow you to gain stability as well as the means to go forward in life.

Importance of Grounding

Very important to keep yourself grounded not just for spiritual purposes but as you learn to balance your first chakra this will also help you to become more stable within the physical world, regardless if it relates to a personal issue, relationship even within a working environment.

There are times when it would be great to feel like living a perfect life in a perfect world.

Then again, if that were so, there would be no need for the spirit to experience what is required in Making Changes to a Better Life.

You would just exist if that was possible as there would be nothing to experience.

You would not know anything about everything being perfect and there would be no reason to even think let alone know that you exist in the first place.

Even understanding that everything is perfect is not possible as you would need to know what is not perfect to compare.

So here we are in a spiritual body having a physical experience because we are aware of our existence and aware that there is a need to understand how to progress further forward and adjust to any negative issues that may fall upon us.

Understanding and learning where there is an under or overbalance within our Chakra system is a great starting point.

As we learn to re-align and re-focus we begin the journey that begins with you.

Where are you situated with your First Charka?

Are you disorganized, restless, depressed, angry, or even struggling to make ends meet? You could have an issue with your root or first chakra.

You could have an issue with your root or first chakra.

When your first chakra is opened and well –balanced you will find that being grounded in all forms of life including the four quadrants you will feel safe, secure, and confident in yourself as well as in others including the surroundings.

However, this leads us to the next issue as it is not always the case that we can find ourselves well grounded in many facets of life.

To this end, it can lead to two different areas relating to the first or root chakra.


When there is an overbalance you may find people get angry, sometimes it seems for no particular reason at all or even angry for the smallest of details.

This relates to an overbalance of the first chakra. You literally see Red but not the relaxed red this chakra is associated with but more of a dark and dirty red which is the result of anger and violence as two examples.

People who are very materialistic, greedy or those who are obsessed with various reasons are examples of having an overactive first chakra.


When underbalanced you may find that there is doubt and at times fear in being able to manage life both personally as well as say in a family environment.

You will find that you allow yourself to be stepped on to the point of being someone else’s floor mat.

You agree with what you are told without disagreeing even though you know it’s not right.

This is also where some of the fear comes forth due to having an underactive First chakra.

You may have trouble with your finances; many may find themselves in financial debt and can’t seem to find their way out of this situation.

For some whose Chakra is really towards the closing stage of life the lotus flower being closed can lead to severe depression, fear, doubt in your personal abilities even doubt in why you are here in the first place.

This can further escalate to unfortunate events that will affect many others around you.

Ill health can also stem from an under- balance first chakra that could lead to a lower immune system reducing the energy that is within you.

I see Red

Remember the color associated with the first chakra is Red.

This also represents the blood.

In order to keep the physical body working efficiently, the blood needs to be able to flow without interruptions or obstacles.

If there are issues affecting the blood then that in turn, will affect other areas of the body?

The first chakra works in the same pattern, if there are blockages then the flow of the vital energy force cannot or is hindered to be able to flow efficiently to other chakras which themselves help to regulate various parts of the body.

This is why learning to balance and harmonize the first chakra is vital not only to being grounded but also to effectively connecting the other chakras to keep the wheels in motion and working properly.

Even sexual energies are affected which can lead to a low libido for both men and women, to other issues with reproductive organs as well.

Areas such as lust and other violent issues are the result of a highly overbalanced first chakra.

So you can see from the above how important is it to maintain a healthy balance with your first chakra and how important it is to be grounded firmly with Mother Earth.

Opening and balancing the First Chakra

There are many methods that not only open and balance the root chakra but also correct issues that may be the result of being over or underbalanced.

There are many ways that can be used either on their own in combination with another modality.

In later articles, we will be discussing in more detail some of these methods many of which are listed below.

Here are just some of those methods

Physical activities such as exercise where the lower section of the body required movement can help balance your first chakra.

Stimulate your root chakra with exercises that require the lower part of your body: whether running, walking, squatting, doing floor exercises, dancing.

One of the best grounding methods apart from mediation is being actively closer and being in harmony with nature.

This can be walking along a valley, forest, or beach or simply by enjoying nature as is.

Even gardening can give you a connection with nature.

When doing so, feel gratitude for the privilege of being part of and with nature. and in doing so, nature will respond by sending you the essential energies to revitalize what is lacking within you.

In doing so, nature will respond by sending you the essential energies needed to revitalize what is lacking within you.

Doing both would be ideal

Meditate with Nature
Meditate with Nature

Yoga is a great example to help balance your energies system with the first chakra.

The gentle movement can activate the chakras into action.

Running is a great activator for the Foot chakra as it strengthens the connection between the earth and the root chakra.

Other areas can involve crystal alignment or Reiki (energy transference) both of which can greatly help re-balance the body.


Healing can be combined with meditation.

These are just some of the methods that will be discussed in other articles along the way.

Do or did you have an over or underactive Chakra? Please share your experience if you wish so others can benefit.

Please share your experience if you wish so others can benefit.

You don’t have to go into full details if you don’t want to, just the basics will be fine.

Perhaps you are already working on balancing your chakras; if so place a comment below on what methods you have tried and which were the best for you.

It’s great to hear others’ points of view relating to the chakras so don’t be shy let us know I can change your name if you don’t want it to be stated.

Remember the journey starts with you.

Next Part 2:  The Second or Sacral Chakra

As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre

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