Making Changes To A Better Life

The Journey Begins With You when you are making changes to a better life
                     Walking Along Your Pathway To Life

Learn How to Manage Your Life For The Better by Making Changes To A Better Life. Be it Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, or Physical. The Journey Begins With You.

About the Author

Hi, my name is André, and I am the creator and founder of Life Management For You.

I am a holistic wellness practitioner with a diverse background in spiritual and energy healing modalities.

I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise ranging from personal growth to self-discovery.

With qualifications as a Reiki Master Teacher, crystal healing practitioner, and experience in mediumship, card readings, and conducting meditation groups,

Additionally, I hold a certificate in Reflexology, further expanding my understanding of the mind-body connection and holistic well-being.

My experience also includes working as an administrator with The Australasian College of Natural Therapies, where I gained invaluable insights into various holistic healing practices and remedies such as aromatherapy, naturopathy, and other modalities.

This exposure further deepened my understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and the importance of a holistic approach to well-being.

I am an avid reader and continuously seek to expand my knowledge by engaging with renowned authors and experts in the field, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, and others.

I am also an active member of the International Reiki Association and a member of Mind Valley’s growth programs, further demonstrating my commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

Enough about me

Welcome to Life Management For You.

Here is where you can explore various areas of interest that may benefit either yourself, a friend, or a family member within the site.

As you read throughout this site, you may learn something new, perhaps be challenged in your thinking, or even a reminder to bring back that awareness that has always been within you and is now looking to grow and go forward in life.


This site aims not to focus on one particular area but to expand other areas and help manage life as a whole.

This may require some adjustments in your life, perhaps restructuring the way one would look at life to learn new ways to a better you.

Perhaps some of those adjustments or changes may be needed and help you see a different way of looking at life.

Consider this, if you were pleased with everything in your life right now. Why are you here searching the internet to make changes for a better life?

Remember, The Journey Begins with you.

Regardless of where you are in life, if your life is out of whack, you have an imbalance.

The question here is, where is the imbalance?

This is where this site can come to the forefront.

Throughout the website, we will discuss what I call The Four Quadrants of Life.”

Here I am referring to the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit.

This is akin to the aspects mentioned above in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Never stop learning for you are worthy of all before you. Andre Kozelj Share on X

Be Open-Minded.

This site is not focused on any particular religion, but a belief that is my own, and you are welcome to accept or agree to differ.

Be open minded never stop learning
Be open-minded; never stop learning.

Everyone has an opinion of life or, to some, a lack of life.

Regardless, all I ask is to keep an open mind and see what life has to deal with, whether your current life situation is experienced now or one planned ahead of you.

We will discuss more on the Four Quadrants in another article, which will give you a better idea of what each component relates to.

For now, we will look at an overall view of what is to be covered.

So what is covered?

As this site continues to go forward and develop, we will seek together to look at the different life levels that can only benefit YOU, the wonderful soul you are.

Along with working and finding how we can change and realign ourselves back to the self and be in alignment as it is meant to be.

This could be managing your life in a physical way that may involve Health, Beauty, Self-Improvement Lifestyle, and Well-Being.

Perhaps you are looking to improve the way you look and feel both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

We will discuss various types of foods, herbs, spices, and more going forward, as all can be added to help you go forward in life in the most positive ways.

Looking at various foods is beneficial not only for the body but also for the spirit, soul, and mind.

As you change your thoughts and patterns, so will your lifestyle change for the better.

Change your thought patterns and be renewed to a better you
Change your thought patterns and be renewed to a better you.

In turn, this will help change and re-align the necessary aspects of your being so you can be at one with yourself.

That is if you wish to go deeper within and work on aligning with Spirit.

On the mental level, there will be some affirmations, books, and courses available for you to progress in life, along with other avenues that can only strengthen the mind and even quiet the mind, such as meditations, healing, and other forms of benefit to you.

On a physical and mental level, you may wish to learn more about how to earn a living online, perhaps even from home, rather than dealing with the stress of the typical 9-to-5 work scenario.

Regardless of whether it’s in the office or anywhere in the world,

There are many journeys to take along your travels in life, and once you have gained that knowledge and awareness, your journey in the evolution of life will lead to a better you.

On the Soul and Spiritual level, not only will these various forms help, but you may even gain a further understanding of the way your mind functions and connects with your physical and spiritual body.

Other areas of interest

We will cover areas such as Chakras, Crystal Healing, various meditation forms, and other modalities.

Many forms of learning may be beneficial, not only for the spiritual self but also for the physical and mental self.

We will introduce various reading materials that may motivate and inspire you, including many self-help books, courses, and more.

All in the name of progress for your being at all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Even some handy hints and tips around the home as well.

Areas that can help parents and mothers going through pregnancy and after birth help their newborns and toddlers develop.

This is why it is important to make changes to a better life.

Without connecting and re-aligning your true self to all Four quadrants, there is no oneness with the current state of being but only fragments longing to be connected.

This is the difference between going forward or remaining stagnant in life.

If you want a change for a better life, then the journey really does begin with you.

It will be my honor to walk alongside you on your journey as we both grow, learn, and go forward in life.

If you have other areas of interest that could be added to this website, please drop a line, and together, we can help others go forward as well.

As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre Babber black writing brown background

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2 thoughts on “Making Changes To A Better Life”

  1. Hi Andrej,
    Extremely well organized, lots of detail, and fact. Beautiful “Attitude” from the start.
    This is going to be interesting for myself and Linda. We often times get very engaged in matters of religion and spirit.
    Myself being a long time member of A.A. Which by it’s own definition cannot ever be a religion based Recovery Program. I have for a long time essentially believed the same thing as you about how through the centuries “Organized Religion” has completely dropped the ball.
    Linda is however, a true believer who actually practices what is preached. High Standard of Morals, understands implicitly that the “Mind” and Active thinking and learning on a daily basis is still key to improvement of “Conscious Contact with God.
    So we don’t argue about it…we just learn from each other.
    There is a commonly used “Slang/Phrase” in AA which says… “Religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell…spirituality is for those who have been through it.”
    I can relate to that one very well.

    Okay I’ve wandered off the point, time to get back to things needing to be done.

    Again, GREAT WEBSITE. I hope it takes off like the proverbial wind.


    • Thank you, Marty first of all for the visit and secondly, thank you for your comments. Totally acknowledge both points of view.
      We all have our beliefs and challenges I am sure many of us have gone through hell and back at different stages in our lives.
      I am sure there may be the occasional return trip but it gets easier once we accept what is true to ourselves and as we start to acknowledge our true self.
      These trips, although that may be awkward at times, however, that is also part of our journey forwards that we have embarked upon.
      The main part is that we move forwards and believe in ourselves.
      What better way than starting from within. That is where the true journey begins.
      Oh, you have not wondered off but speak from the heart.
      Thank you once more for your visit sending both you and your wife energy of light and love.
      As Always Namaste


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