Nine Levels Of Consciousness

To Change and Balance Your Life, understanding the Nine Levels of Consciousness will bring your Spiritual Self Back in Alignment.

The Buddhist perspective of the nine levels of consciousness allows you to understand how you can change and balance your identity based on the Four Quadrants and Life elements.

By understanding who we are, we can focus on what is essential in life, our true identity.

The greatest change in life is the balance you create from within, all else will follow. Share on X

Andre Kozelj


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What does it mean, To be balanced?

Within the Four Quadrants of Life the body, mind, soul, and spirit are the four main elements through which the Spirit experiences its journey towards becoming at one with All THAT IS.

These elements are Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Spirit’s journey is to find the absolute, where there are no disturbances within these four elements connected and part of the Four Quadrants of Life.

To find that balance, the spirit will go through many incarnations in life until that balance it seeks has come into being.

Although the spirit goes through many incarnations along its journey in life.

It does not mean that here in the current physical experience of which you are a part, you can sit back and relax and wait for it all to happen.

For you are not the one having the experience, it is the spirit having the experience.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience

You who are in this current physical body are just the vehicle that enables the spirit via the Soul to transverse the many lifetimes to face and learn how to grow from the many elements existing in the world of the physical.

In doing so, the spirit co-creates the Soul that has, over time, collected all the knowledge and experiences of past lifetimes, including what is to be in this current lifetime.

The Soul is the connection between Spirit and the Physical Body, while within this, the mind is the connection to the soul and body.

Through all such connections, the learning process will continue until it learns and understands the varying consciousness required to gain self-awareness and oneness with ALL THAT IS.

This is the balance one seeking to be connected with all aspects of life and to find that self-awareness within the self.


Now depending on your beliefs, the level of consciousness can vary.

To some,  there are two levels, the lower and higher consciousness.

While others may define this into three:

The Sub-Conscious would relate to the lower forms of thinking.

This can also include dreaming and, at times, interrupting and confusing the next stage, known as the consciousness level.

This level is generally the one most human beings deal with life most of the day.

The third level, which relates to the higher realms of spirit, is the higher consciousness.

Nine Levels of Consciousness.

Nine Levels of consciousness

Yes, to a certain degree, these are correct but know that many other consciousness levels go by other physical form names.

These are called the nine levels of consciousness.

To change and balance your life, understanding the nine levels of consciousness will bring your spiritual self back in alignment with its true perspective.

This will bring about self-awareness without the need to deal with many frustrations that emotions can bring about.


Self-awareness is not feeling emotions but accepting them without the attachment one has in the physical world, as we know it.

Regardless of the attachments are good or otherwise.

The Five Senses

The Five Senses

The first five levels of consciousness relate to the five human senses present everyday.

These are sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste.

Remember, even at this stage, depending on your awareness of the above senses; many may have more or less of some.

Those who may have a lesser or no use of one or more of the senses, such as blindness or those with a loss of hearing, may tend to enhance their other levels.

Doing so can actually increase and even for many gain a greater sense of awareness of life.

Take, for example, Stevie Wonder:

Stevie Wonder smiling in front of the keyboard

Yes, he is blind, yet through the sense of touch and hearing, in particular, he has learned to enhance such senses that have not only enabled him to become a great musician, composer, and singer.

Such enhancements allowed Stevie to become a greater spiritual being as he has learned to go within himself and progress at a higher level of perception than some with all the known five senses.

Many other greats may not have used all the so-called 5 senses, yet they have all learned to find a balance from within to go forward in their life.

Therefore, the first five Consciousness levels relate to the physical or the body’s first aspect.

The 6th level of Consciousness

The next level relates to the next aspect, The Mind or the Mental.

This level is closely associated with the first 5 levels of the mind, which supports and corresponds with the human organ known as the brain.

Here, the mind processes the necessary information from the other senses and connects with the human brain to form the various neurons and synapsis.

This will relay the necessary actions to take within a split second to the body area that requires an action response.

For the most part, the first six levels of Consciousness are generally where most spend their lives. 

For others going beyond this grants greater awareness of life around and within them.

The 7th level of Consciousness

This is where some form of awareness starts to happen; notice I said awareness, not self-awareness.

This is the first point of inner awareness where the mind and oftentimes, the human Ego can become concerned with its sense of self.

This can become self-destructive, depending on your current awareness in life, and can help propel you forward to the next level of consciousness.

Here is where you become aware of what is right and what is wrong. In other words, good and bad ( I prefer to use the word bad rather than evil as sometimes bad decisions are not necessarily. 

In other words, good and bad ( I prefer to use the word bad rather than evil as sometimes bad decisions are not necessarily evil in nature, just a wrong choice at the time).

The 8th level of Consciousness

At this level is where the Soul comes into form.

When the physical body ceases to exist, all the physical forms such as the brain and other physical parts associated with knowledge and memory also cease to exist.

It is the soul of the spirit that continues, not the body, and as such, the soul, which is the higher aspect, continues along its evolutionary path.

All knowledge gained from past and present life experiences is stored along with the Soul’s good and bad deeds.

The latter is part of the Law of Karma.


That such records that are stored go by another name.

The Akashic Records are said to exist within the Astral Plane.

The Astral Plains is just one of many dimensions above that of the physical world yet can be reached while still living in the physical body.

The main form is meditation.

The final and 9th level of consciousness

At this level, we enter a higher level known as pure consciousness, well above the soul level.

It is here is where the aim of being at one and achieving self-awareness.

This is where the journey of Spirit finds the absolute and becomes at one with itself.

From the above nine levels of consciousness, we can see that to balance your life fully; you will need to go deep within and change the life you seek.

How do your progress to such levels?

Spirit’s journey is to find the absolute, where there are no disturbances within these four elements connected and part of the Four Quadrants of Life.

As mentioned above, entering the Astral Plains via meditation will enable you to connect from within and reach the Akashic Records.

Likes many things; it takes time and regular practice to reach such levels.

Attaining higher awareness also takes much practice, patience, and time in the physical.

For most, again, meditation is the way to go.

You do not have to go to a cave or become a monk.

But it would help if you found a place of calm and peace where you can meditate regularly without interruptions.


Meditation man sitting on a rock

Some forms of mild meditation that can help change your life can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods and just being with nature.

Even those walks along a beach can bring a form of meditative awareness.

There are many forms of meditation, some of which I have listed in the menu above.

Regardless of how you meditate, it would help if you found the peace within you that will allow you to find a greater awareness of what is around you.

Please feel free to comment on what you have read or what you feel about the various forms of consciousness.

How do they relate to you, and how have you overcome many aspects of life as you know it?

Sending you a blessing, may you find peace within, and may you go forward in life’s journey to self-awareness.

As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you

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