What Is The Spirit Connection

Knowing what the spirit connection is is one of the most vital four quadrants for our existence on both the spiritual and physical planes. 

Let me start with the words many of us have heard at some point in our lives.

“In the beginning God created”

 In the Beginning God Created

Without Spirit, there is no life.

What are the Spirit Connection and its purpose?

Creation of Spirit

When God created spirit, it was neither a positive nor a negative form of energy. It just was.

The spirit, which is the essence that came from the creator’s intention, is only the fragment of the creator, not the creator itself.

For the spirit to be aligned correctly and be at one with the creator, there needs to be a learning curve.

This is where the spirit connection comes into play with the physical existence we know as the Human body.

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Spirit is like a child.

Like a child in its infancy, it will need to grow, learn, and understand to progress forward in life.

So too is Spirit is like a child with its own needs to grow, learn, and understand its own life path to align itself back to the source of creation.

One which the spirit needs to undergo during its particular path of evolution.

This is the only way there can be “A Oneness,” with the greater spirit of life we call God.

Spirit was also given the free will to choose the pathway to take.

Some have chosen to take a step forward and are at a higher vibrational rate of pure energy.

Others are still figuring out how and when to take this step forward, while some fear this new forward step into the unknown.

As a result of this free will, each spirit has created, according to its own understanding, a purpose in life and is what you could now feel or know in the human sense as your pathway towards enlightenment.

How much time does it take to become pure energy?

This learning experience can take many forms and many different incarnations to either the corporeal world here on planet Earth or within other worlds that the human mindset cannot even comprehend its forms of existence.

It would be naive to think that the entire universe was created, and out of all that exists, one planet called Earth was the only form of existence there is.

Other forms of so-called life exist and not just in the same physical sense as the human shell we call a body.

One thing to note here is that the word “time” only exists within the human train of thought as within the ethereal world, there is no time.

So the learning experience continues to occur until the Goal results are achieved.

Notice I stated Goal Results rather than End Results are achieved.

Within the higher realms, there is no end but a continuous flow of existence.

As spirit uses the Free Will that has been given, it will also determine where they are heading along their pathway.

We are not alone

Although spirit aims to achieve the level of becoming pure energy, we are not alone, nor are we left alone to work on achieving such goals on our own.

There is a higher order of spirit energy that was created.

Some went through the purification process like other spirits and, as such, became pure of energy at the highest possible level.

Their current purpose has many tasks, but now it is not required to reincarnate into either the physical form as a human body or other incarnate forms in other worlds as they have already achieved all required.

Here they continue to help other spirits when in need. They have released themselves from impurities of any form of materiality and already have a full awareness of life as it is and is meant to be without judgment.


Here you will find the highest and purest order of Spirit that is of the highest degree of purity and alignment with the creator.

These spiritual energies do not need to enter the physical life experience, for their purpose, serve a much higher order.

Yet if needed, they can assist other spirits of varying degrees and realms, both spiritual and physical.

Such pure spirits serve the greater good and are in full alignment and part of the God-head.

Finally, the most well-known of spirits, which are also part of the same hierarchy, help and assist other spirits and, in particular, those present within a physical body in their advancement.

You would know them as Angels and Archangels who are here to help other spirits of a lower vibration along with keeping the order of the cosmos within.

This level is what you may also know as the Hierarchy of Angels.

Hierarchy of Angels

Other spirits

Now, not all spirits wish to use free will for the greater good, not because there is pure evil but because of their level of knowledge, understanding, and ignorance.

Some have begun to enjoy a negative presence and can take a while to change.


When the spirit came into existence, Free Will was part of this creation.

Other spirits

As such, free will enables each spirit to take on how and when their purpose or mission in life will be made.

Some accept without issue and progress forward; some go forward at a slower pace.

While others either stagnate, stay in limbo or take the opposite choice and, due to their ignorance, create havoc and problems.

Not only for the spirit itself but create this disturbance towards other spirits within the same vibratory pattern as themselves.

As free will can’t be taken away, it is the work of higher spirits to help other lower spirit forms work on redeveloping their ways of learning to turn around their pathways and head back towards the greater good.

As you can see, the varying level of attainment isn’t much different from that of the physical world you know as human beings.

This is why it is stated above that Spirit is like a child.

Through its life progress, influences can change the behavioral pattern one that may have otherwise been deemed as either a positive or, for many, a negative change.

Including the lazy ones who don’t seem to care until something happens will change their thinking.

There are many different levels and stages of knowledge, skills, experience, and definitely different goodness and negativity levels.

This change may take many years or even many incarnations to unravel and re-adjust.

There have been many individuals who have, during various forms, E.G., Meditation, Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, and so on, experienced and become aware of some of their own past lives that have helped them connect the dots with current issues in the present life.

We are Spiritual energies within a Physical body here on this physical plane to learn, earn, and grow.

Gradually as we take the step forward and believe in ourselves, our awareness of who we really are will come to light. 

For more information relating to the spirit and other aspects, you can read more on The Four Quadrants of Life.


Have you experienced a past life or feel that you have incarnated to find some experiences that have still to be resolved.

These could be some of the lessons that need refining and re-adjustment to move forward spiritually.

Please share the experiences that you may have had. 

You will be surprised that you may not be the only one to have had similar experiences in life with spirit, both positive and negative effects.

I would love to hear more of your thoughts, comments, and experiences.

Just pop your comment below.

As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre
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6 thoughts on “What Is The Spirit Connection”

  1. Hi Andre,

    Really enjoyed reading your article. It seems like you have a deep understanding of how Spirit works with us in our lives and it’s so refreshing to read something on the subject that is not ‘preachy’ but rather, helpful and guiding.

    I wonder whether you have ever considered offering one-on-consultations? I get the feeling you’d be outstanding at this based on your intuition and depth of knowledge, and that this would greatly expand your spiritual gifts as another avenue to share them.

    As an intuitive person myself, I often get ‘feelings or insights’ from a person’s energy, hence my above suggestion.

    Many blessings,

    • Hi Heather,

      Once again I am blessed and honoured with your presence here.

      Thank you for your comments it is wonderful to know my post is appreciated and a bonus blessing that the comment is coming from a fellow intuitive, this certainly brightens up the light within.

      With regard to your thoughts and feelings, yes I have considered much in the near future as I have been feeling the need to once again revisit much of what I used to do before having and focusing on my family.

      Just a little while back received my Reiki/Master qualification and intend to incorporate this with other avenues I have been thinking about such as my Egyptian Cartouche Readings etc.

      When Spirit and I are ready, this will once again become as is.

      For now, I am focused on getting my website established while working on such plans.

      Sending many blessings to you alongside all you in life not just the physical but also Spiritual.

      As Always


      • Wonderful! You will do so well in following this path, Andre.

        Sounds like it was, and still is, your natural gift to work as a spiritual guide helping others find their way. ?


        • Thank you, Heather, for the response back I so appreciated your input.

          Yes at that point the break was needed which I have full gratitude to spirit for, as now I have two wonderful young adults by my side.
          The thirst was always there but the timing was not right at that moment.

          Now I am re-connecting with spirit once more and gradually moving forward as there are still a few adjustments to be had.
          Ego may ask when but spirit answers patience is a virtue.

          This is one of the reason why this website came into being as it is the starting point forwards.
          Wishing you continue success in all you do and I have seen your website many times which is truly remarkable.

          Special Note to visitors reading this comment.

          I would strongly urge you to visit Heather’s website http://www.sacredscribe.com/ Heather is truly a gifted inspirational writer that speaks from deep within.
          There is so much many will benefit from.

          I know I have.

          Heather, sending love and light as I know you will continue to be the inspiration that you are and always will be to so many people.


  2. Whew!! A lot to take in.
    Thank You Andrej. I like your entire website and wish you all the best.
    You have taken on quite the challenge sir especially right now when there seems to be a whole lot of souls right here on earth that are not really “getting it.” (Like I said…whew!)
    Keep in touch. I like this website very much.

    By the way…performing music as in playing instruments, mixing and recording music, song lyrics (for Praise worship and other things) and so on all do serve to highten and enlighten our conscious contact with Our Creator and the Universal Spirit(s)
    It not only works on an entirely “Spiritual” Level, but physiologically as well by causing massive brain chemistry changes that assist in allowing us to form better communication with the world of Spirit. But that’s another story ‘eh?

    Peace My Brother and great job on this website.


    • Thank you again, Marty, for the second visit.
      Yes, there may be a lot to take on but I am up to the challenge which to me is long overdue.
      There will be a lot more than what is covered so far. However, as you know all takes time and dedicated work to get the work done.
      But I am really enjoying this site and learning more myself as I go along as well.
      Spiritually takes many forms and you are spot on with the music.

      Being a former keyboard player I can understand the feeling from within when you love playing or hearing others perform from the heart.
      As for music and the mind is only one aspect.
      Like you stated, music can and certainly does heighten and enlighten our conscious contact with the Divine and all that is part of it.
      Music is definitely music to the soul and much more. More that some people may realise.
      And yes that is another story that might find it’s way here in time.

      Peace my friend and thank you for you wonderful comments.

      As Always


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