What are the Best Weighted Sleep Masks for Quality Sleep?

Weighted Sleep Masks

Weighted sleep masks do more than give you quality sleep. With its multitude of benefits, it’s a game-changer for sufferers of migraines, anxiety, or stress.

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Quick Overview

The important part to consider is how much quality sleep are you getting during those 7-9 hours.

Getting Quality sleep during that time can be more crucial not just for great sleep but also for your body overall.

When you are sleeping and resting deeply, your body is working at its best to heal and recuperate.

This is where a weighted sleep Mask can help in giving you quality sleep.

What is a Weighted Sleep Mask 

The main purpose of a sleep mask is to block out any external light and in doing so, enables you to get that blackout from light entering your eyes.

You will find many will help in some way to blackout external light; some more than others and so is the same with weighted sleep masks.

After all, what is the use of a sleep mask if it can’t do what it was intended to do in the first place and that is to block out light?

This is where the weighted sleep mask brings its hidden arsenal to help you should you be suffering from other issues such as headaches, insomnia, migraines, and the like mentioned further below.

Some may also come with added benefits in the form of Aromatherapy type scents to help you relax more and help you fall asleep faster.

Lavender is one of the most popular scents to help relax the mind and help you sleep.

What is inside the weighted sleep masks?

Within the weighted sleep masks (depending on the type) you will find they may be filled with some of the following:

  • Microbeads: Non-toxic Microbeads (ideal for allergy sufferers) help to distribute the weight evenly while helping to conform to your face. As you move so will the microbeads
  • Natural Flax seeds: This is a wonderfully eco-friendly alternative that can help to stay cool while allowing even distribution on the face this type can generally be microwaved however always read the instructions for that particular mask type.
  • Lavender buds: Lavender is renowned for helping to relax the mind thus enabling you to fall asleep faster and be more relaxed in the process.
  • Glass Beads: These work in a similar way to microbeads that can evenly distribute the weight in conforming to the face. (This type may not be suitable for children and needs to be hand-washed only)

Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) 

Due to these added features mentioned above this added weight creates what is known as Deep Pressure Touch (DPT) basically a form of acupressure but for your face and around your eyes.

As a result, it is evenly distributed across the face and around the eyes creating a relaxing pressure (like a deep hug only for your face and around your eyes.

In doing so the pressure lessens any tension experienced while giving your a total blackout from any external light.

While as the same time you are promoting deeper relaxation which will help you not only drift off to sleep faster but also give you that longer quality sleep your body is seeking.

Another benefit of using a Weighted Sleep Mask is that acupressure can help to reduce the pain that headaches may bring and even lessen the throbbing pain with migraines.

The last thing you need is that throbbing pain while trying to rest or sleep.

The blocking out of any light entering the eyes also helps take away some of the throbbings.

Light sensitivity has been known to create additional discomfort and restlessness for sufferers of migraines when you can’t black out the room efficiently.

Remember, even with eyelids closed (due to being so thin) unwanted light still enters and reduces the melatonin levels affecting proper sleep and relaxation.

Manta sleep masks can totally block out that light which can help ease that unnecessary throbbing pain.

Sleep Deprivation 

Sleep Deprivation
Are You Getting Quality Sleep?

Perhaps you are getting those 7-9 hours of sleep yet still struggling to get that quality sleep you desperately need, at times when you do get up you may feel more tired than before you tried to nod off to sleep.

If so then you are most likely suffering some form of Sleep Deprivation and this causes you to have restless and broken sleep during the night or day if you are a nightshift worker.

Restless sleep hinders not only your body but also working at full capacity in healing and restoration.

Being tired from lack of proper sleep (sleep deprivation) can create other issues which can be quite serious and even deadly.

Who should use a Weighted Sleep Mask

We know now what a weighted sleep Mask is but for who should use one let’s look at your reasons for your restless sleep.

Do you suffer from Insomnia? 

  • Ask yourself these questions that may relate to your insomnia. 
  • Do you find it difficult to sleep even during the 7-9 recommended hours?
  • Do to toss and turn quite often during the night? Are you a parent?
  • This alone can create many issues such as Stress, Anxiety
  • Trouble getting to sleep quickly or taking ages to fall asleep?
  • Do you wake up during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep?
  • How do you feel in the morning are you still tired after waking?
  • Nodding off at work or feel the need to sleep a bit?
  • Are you irritable, frustrated even angry in the morning or during the day because you are feeling tired from a lack of quality sleep?
  • Struggling to concentrate during the day at work or elsewhere?

If you have some or most of these mentioned above you are most likely an insomniac facing restless sleep and struggling to relax not only during sleep time but during your working day.

If this is the case a Weighted Sleep Mask will be of great benefit to you especially if you don’t want to face the issues of having accidents or work-related injuries due to lack of proper sleep.

What are some Causes that can create Insomnia? 

Apart from serious health disorders here are some more common causes that may bring on your Insomnia.

  • If you are a business person traveling by plane, particularly long distances you could suffer from Jet Lag along with the need to adjust to different time zones.
  • Trying to sleep on hot or cold days or have the need to put the air conditioner settings that may be either too hot or cold which will wake you up.
  • Constant outside distractions such are cars, and truck noises. This can especially affect Nightshift workers trying to sleep during the day which is more active than at nighttime.
  • Having alcohol, caffeine, smoking or even eating too late and within a few hours of sleep can create sleep restlessness.
  • Is your bed, mattress, pillows, and bed sheets or blankets uncomfortable?
  • Are your sheets causing irritations during sleep? With Irritations for sheets and pillowcases, perhaps it could also be the washing powder or whatever you use that could be the cause of this particular issue.
  • Do you have the lights on when you sleep or are there other lights reflecting around you when you try to sleep
  • Are you watching TV late at night just before you go to sleep?

Are you checking out your mobile constantly before and during times when you wake up through the night?

  • This can be a blue light effect
  • Are you on medication that could be the cause of your restless sleep?
  • Do you suffer from Depression?

Pre-cautionary and Important Note:

As you can see these are just some of the common reasons for restless sleep yet there can be more serious causes relating to your insomnia.

If you are experiencing constant and persistent pain that is causing your sleep disorder then please go see your physician for further assessment as it can be caused by other issues which can be very serious than originally thought.

What are the Best Weighted Sleep Masks for Quality Sleep 

Ok so now you know what weighted sleep masks are and what it does for you.

You have also learned the various issues you may be facing with restless sleep.

Let’s look at what are the best-weighted sleep masks for your quality sleep.

The Manta Weighted Sleep Mask

Weighted Sleep Mask

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  • 100% Total blackout from all external lights.
  • Comes with Eye cups that can be adjusted to suit your face.
  • Cups are deep so no pressure on the eyelids or eyelashes
  • Weight is distributed evenly to suit your face giving the right acupressure where it is needed.
  • Eyecups are a modal design that is 50% cooler than cotton so no heat is felt.
  • Can use cooling or warm eye cups for migraine or headaches suffers
  • Snag-free so it won’t stick to hair.
  • Ideal for Back and Side sleepers


  • It may not suit stomach sleepers however some have stated no issues or complaints as a stomach sleeper. Personal choice.
  • Although cooling and warming eyecups (sold separately) can be used instead of modal cups please note that these cups have their own weight so for some this may become a bit too heavy if taking this option.


YFONG Sleep Mask

Woman sleeping wearing a Yfong Sleep Mask


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Deep eyecups 10 mm deep perfect for long eyelashes
  • According to many reviews, it may be ideal for sinus sufferers due to the comfort around the nose area
  • Blocks out light
  • Nano glass beads can be kept cool
  • wide adjustable strap


  • Hard to fault it is a nice design
  • A couple of negative reviews state beads are too small and feel like rocks.\
  • sensitive skin may feel the weight of the mask too much to bear

Weighted Lavender Eye Mask

Lavender Eye Mask with packaging box and some Lavender flowers.


  • Elastic bands are covered in fleece so will not slide off nor stick to hair.
  • The elastic band may suit various head sizes
  • Contains Lavender and organic Flax Seeds (ideal for relaxing, meditation, or relief from headaches)
  • Can be used as a warm or cold compress giving relief for headaches, and migraines.


  • No eye cups so may place pressure on eyelids and may cause damage to eyelashes
  • Although Lavender is great for relaxing and falling asleep for some, they may find the aroma too much if worn for sleeping overnight.
  • Some with very sensitive skin may feel too much pressure on the eyes due to it being flat and weighty.

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask


Nodpod gentle Sleep Mask


  • Made of cotton so it is breathable and cotton is comforting to the face.
  • Claims state can be used for all positions of sleep including stomach sleepers (refer to cons)
  • Blocks out light
  • Can be used as a warm or cold compress giving relief for headaches, and migraines.
  • Good for back sleepers and for travel
  • Choice of colors when ordering


  • No locking strap as it slips through a hole and there is no lock to this, as a result, has been known to loosen during sleep.
  • No eye cups so may place pressure on eyelids and may cause damage to eyelashes
  • The shape is separated into balls (as per the diagram) this may become too much in various areas and for some uncomfortable and annoying.
  • Due to the shape, the microbeads tend to slide too much and not evenly.
  • Not ideal for side sleepers due to ball shape and excessive shifting
  • Not as weighty as advertised very light compared to other weighted sleep masks. 

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask


  • The adjustable back strap fits all sizes
  • Inner masks are made of Satin which is good and relaxing for the skin
  • Comfortable due to the inner satin
  • Blocks out light
  • Good for back sleepers and for travel


  • Hand Wash Only
  • Filled with glass beads not suitable for children
  • No eye cups so may place pressure on eyelids and may cause damage to eyelashes

Aculief Weighted Sleep Mask

Aculief Weighted Sleep Mask


  • Made of cotton it is breathable and cotton is comforting to the face.
  • Can block out intrusive light
  • Machine washable (refer to their instructions before washing)
  • Good for relaxation and traveling
  • Helpful for sufferers of Migraines and headaches


  • The mask is flat and with no eyecups to protect your eyelids from unnecessary pressure and may cause damage to eyelashes due to the added weight.
  • It may not suit many side sleepers
  • No concrete review on the sleep masks as they are pretty new to the market


So now you have an unbiased view of the particular Weight sleep Mask please decide what is right for you and your needs.

Remember some masks although they are all great to choose from please think of your circumstances.

Such as do you have long eyelashes, and how sensitive your skin is as some are super sensitive, and as a result, certain masks may not be as comfortable for you.

I do like the Manta Weighted Sleep mask along with the YFONG Weighted Sleep Mask mainly because of the protective eyecups that do make a difference.

Out of these, the Manta mask seems to be the best of the best choices along with the fact they also have their cooling and warming sleep mask which is sold separately or can be purchased as a bundle which is mentioned below.

Yet their eyecups can be attached to the Manta Weighted Sleep Mask instead of the supplied Model eyecups.

Just note as mentioned in the short review above for the Manta mask, the eyecups for both the Cooling Masks and Warming Masks have eyecups that are weighted themselves and for some, this may be too heavy.

However, the benefits of gaining relief from Migraines, tension headaches, plain headaches, and even just to help with dry eyes are benefits in themselves.


If you have any questions or have used any of these weighted sleep masks before please let me know how you found them along with any issues you may have experienced.

This can greatly help others understand which may be more suitable for them thanks to your input.

Wishing you much health and prosperity and I know you will make the right decision to help any ailments you may have in using the right sleep mask for you.


Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre
The Journey Begins With You


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