Manta Sleep Mask | Quality Sleep When You Need It Most

The Manta Sleep Mask gives you Quality Sleep when you need it most. Ideal for Nightshift workers, Travellers, Day nappers, Sensitive sleepers, and Meditators.

Manta Sleep Mask
Manta Sleep Mask

The original concept of wearing sleep masks was to block out any external light from entering. As a result, this enables you to get quality sleep when needed most in total darkness. However, the majority of sleep masks simply don’t do what they were intended to do and that is to give 100% total blackout of light.

The original sleep mask design might have worked well in the early years however, society has moved forward with more advanced technology both good and some not-so-great. In the old days, light meant time to get up while darkness meant time to sleep and rest.

Times have changed from the days of old, these days we are more productive, working longer hours, sleeping less, binge-watching TV, looking at our mobile phones, and being active more on social media even in bed rather than sleeping.

With so much technology along with changes to work structures for many, particularly those who need to work at night and sleep by the day will totally throw out the body’s circadian rhythm and creates more hassle along the way.

No wonder we are getting more headaches and migraines, feeling stressed, and becoming tired in the morning some are more like daytime zombies turning up to work and that’s not just from a good night out.

All this and more affects our sleep cycle and now there are more people facing sleep issues, even to the point of accidents and errors occurring at work or on the way to work due to lack of quality sleep.

We are becoming a society of insomniacs; gradually other issues relating to health both physical and mental can occur. If not addressed properly (this is why seeing your qualified physician is important) your health can decline at many levels in life.

Many health issues can easily be brought down to a lack of true quality sleep.

The importance of Quality Sleep

It is suggested that most adults need at least 7-9 hours of sleep. True, some may feel that they can get by with much less sleep and they seem to do Ok for a while, but it catches up normally at the worst time for you.

The issue is not always about how long is your sleep but how much quality sleep you are having. It’s certainly important to get those 7-9 hours of quantity sleep. However, what good is meeting the standard quantity amount of sleep if you cannot gain quality sleep during those hours?

Did you know that lack of Magnesium levels can also affect your sleep patterns?

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Let the Darkness Be Your Light to Quality Sleep.

Light is the most influencing factor that affects our sleep pattern cycle.

Also, know that your body needs that darkness to be your light for Quality Sleep.

For thousands of years, our bodies have been blessed by nature to follow our own biological clock called the circadian rhythm to sleep at night and wake at first light.

This is done and regulated by a sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.

As we get closer to the evening, our melatonin levels increases which gives us the reminder that it is time to sleep.

Your body is letting you know it is time to rest so that it can recuperate the healing process while you sleep.

During the early daylight hours, the body slowly lowers the melatonin levels enabling the body to awaken for the day to come.

Remember the body needs to rest and heal and sleep time is the best time to do this.

The sleep mask design needs a major overhaul to suit current times and trends.

Manta Sleep

Mark Zhang Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Manta Sleep felt a need to address the many issues sleepers face, such as lack of true light blackout, eye pressure, comfort and many more many other issues common sleep masks don’t provide.

Mark Zhang CEO and Founder of Manta Sleep
Mark Zhang CEO and Founder of Manta Sleep

As a result, Manta Sleep Mask came into being and has become one of the top leading Sleep Masks with high reviews from thousands of happy sleepers.

Manta Sleep Mask

This is where Manta Sleep comes into action as they felt a major overhaul was needed in how sleep masks are made and what they can truly do for you and get that quality sleep when you need it most. Not just to improve your quality sleep but your health along the way.

The Manta Sleep Mask is not just a sleep mask. Their revolutionary design makes it the most sought-after sleep mask around by giving you 100% blackout from external light both natural and artificial.

The design is made for you in mind so it can be adjusted giving you your own personal customized sleep mask.

Why do I need a sleep mask?

If you are the lucky one that can get quality sleep along with quantity sleep and wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the whole day every day then you most likely don’t need a sleep mask.
However, if you are like the rest of the world and can’t sleep well during the night, or day if you are a nightshift worker or other daily reasons, then a sleep mask is a good investment not just for sleep but overall health.

Who can benefit from using the Manta Sleep Mask?

  • People suffering from Migraines
  • Insomniacs
  • Nightshift workers
  • Overseas and long-trip travelers
  • Day time nappers
  • During meditation to enhance deeper focus
  • Light or sensitive sleepers
  • Anyone who needs quality sleep
  • Those who wake up restless, grumpy, and have other issues due to poor quality sleep.
  • Women with Low Magnesium Levels can also be affected by sleep issues improving their levels and combining the use of a sleep mask greatly enhances better sleep and overall body functions many women may face.

Why Are the Benefits of using the Manta Sleep Mask?

  • 100% Blackout Sleep Mask – Totally shuts out all external light enabling your to sleep without interference giving you a peaceful and deeper sleep.
  • Adjustable foam eyecups – You can customize the position and angle of the eyecups to your eyes giving you the most personalized fit just for you.
  • No Eye Pressure – Eyecups are deep and help eliminate pressure to your eyes and eyelash damage, compared to the old-style flat masks, so no more blurriness, sore eyes, or crinkled eyelashes when you wake up.
  • Protection around the eyes – Due to the deeply molded eye cups this is also suitable for travelers on the go with the need to wear eye makeup while getting some R&R in the process.
  • Breathable, and Soft – Made of breathable cotton on the inside which is soothing and safer for the face so no more heat and sweating with other types of masks made of plastic or synthetic material.
  • Durable – Back of the mask has a Velour strap that is snag-free and not sticking to the back of the hair.
  • 100% Machine Washable – Comes with its storage case with earplugs that double as a wash bag. So place the mask in the bag, zip it up and into the washing machine. Refer to washing instructions upon receipt of your goods.

Are there any Cons to wearing a Manta Sleep Mask?

  • If you are used to the flat type mask wearing a Manta Mask for some may feel bulky (this may take a couple of days to get used to it so persist as your health and sleep is vital).
  • Those who are restless sleepers who toss and turn during the night may find the mask uncomfortable then again if you are tossing and turning in your sleep perhaps some medical advice would be the action to take first.
  • Some side and stomach sleepers may find the bulkiness uncomfortable yet there are many who are such sleepers have no issue..
  • Some have noted they can’t get 100% blackout, particularly around the nose area. (This is normally due to not adjusting the deep eyecups to your face). So for some, it may take a bit of proper adjustment to get this position right on an individual basis

Frequent Questions People Ask About Sleep Masks

Manta Sleep  Mask components for better quality sleep

Does the Manta Sleep Mask help with Dry Eyes?

  • Many people have purchased the Manta Sleep Masks due to having chronic dry eyes.
  • As the eyecups are contoured you will find that not only does it protect your eyes from rubbing against the material but also against other elements such as air conditioning as cold air is one of the main causes of having dry eyes.
  • Manta Sleep also has the perfect option for those with dry eyes such as the Cool or Heat masks that can help to nourish your eyes to better health.

Can I wash the Manta Sleep Mask?

  • Yes simply place the mask and the eyecups in the carrying bag provided zip it up and place it in your washing machine. Do not bleach or place it in the drier just air dry flat.

Will the mask pull my hair like other sleep masks?

  • No, it won’t as you have the micro Velcro it is guaranteed to not stick to or even pull your hair compared to the cheaper sleep masks around.

What materials are used with the Manta Sleep masks and will it get too hot?

  • The mask is made from cotton/polyester while the eyecups used are made of modal fabric which is a fabric derived from the beech tree.

This makes it more absorbent and breathable than cotton while being very soft to the touch on your face. As it is breathable and absorbent any natural sweat and moisture are quickly absorbed into the fabric eyecups.

The Modal cups are 50% more absorbent compared to cotton and feel cool to the touch.

Mind you if you are living in a hot area or face (pardon the pun) a super-hot summer with no air conditioning there may be an issue, not due to the mask but due to the extreme weather otherwise, there should be no issues.

Is the original manta Sleep Mask Vegan friendly?

  • Totally Vegan Friendly as there is no need for any derived materials within the mask.

Will it leave any marks on the face like the cheaper masks with elastic?

  • No, the foam cups are super soft along with there are no thin elastic that can either weaken or create marks due to the mask being manufactured in a thicker strap rather than thin elastic bands.

Sleep is great but what about the external noise around me?

  • The Manta Sleep Mask comes with quality earplugs with its own zip pocket in the pouch provided. This will help cut down noise while you sleep.

Where can I get the Manta Sleep Mask?

  • You can purchase the Manta Sleep Mask via Amazon here, Please note that not all Manta sleep products are available with Amazon.

  • If you are living within Australia you can purchase them via Nourished Life Australia who also has the Cooling and Warm Mask as well which are both great for Headaches, Migraines and helping with Dry Eyes.

  • However, the best place to purchase all the various Manta products is from Manta Sleep direct.

Now the question you need to ask yourself.

Do I want quality sleep; feel refreshed and ready for the day?

If so then take positive action and get your Manta Sleep Mask and/or accessories below.

As an added incentive, join the Manta Club and you will get 10% OFF your First Order saving you more while your sleep and health benefits along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Here is your opportunity for the best sleep ever.

YES, I want my Manta Sleep Mask Now!


I would love to hear your results once you get your Manta Sleep mask and how you found it to benefit your sleep and health overall.
Just drop your comment below and I will respond to you ASAP.

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre
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