Health Benefits Of Garlic

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic provides many other health benefits than keeping vampires away. It can help prevent the common cold, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system.     The above quote came from a Greek physician, known as “The Father of Western Medicine”, Hippocrates Perhaps he was thinking of Garlic when those words came into being. Yet … Read more

Herbs And Spices

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and Spices are great in food preparation, but there are Powerful Health Benefits that have been used for centuries to improve overall health and more   Generally speaking   When distinguishing the difference between Herbs and Spices know that Herbs come from the leaves of the plant while Spices, come from the rest of … Read more

Nine Levels Of Consciousness

Nine Levels of Consciousness.

To Change and Balance Your Life, understanding the Nine Levels of Consciousness will bring your Spiritual Self Back in Alignment.     The Buddhist perspective of the nine levels of consciousness allows you to understand how you can change and balance your identity based on the Four Quadrants and Life elements. By understanding who we … Read more

The Mind Soul Connection

Mind Soul Connection to the brain

What is this mind soul connection, and how does the mind connect to the soul, or is it the other way around.               In a previous article, The Soul-Spirit Connection, a discussion showed the importance for each other where the Soul is the Stimulus for what is happening within … Read more

The Soul Spirit Connection

The Soul Spirit Connection

The Soul Spirit Connection becomes into awareness when it attaches itself to the living form we know as the physical body.         When the Creator brought forth the intention of creation, the spirit became part of this creation. In the beginning, the spirit was neither positive nor negative but was born innocent … Read more

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