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Turmeric the Golden Spice to Life

The health benefits of Turmeric are amazing. Turmeric is the Golden Spice to Life, not just that Yellow-Orange coloured spice you see in Curries.   It is one of the key spices used in many countries such as India, Pakistan, Middle East, South East Asian to name a few. For thousands of years, Turmeric has been… Read More »

Hold your future in your hands

Life management for you is just that. Helping you to take control of managing your life to a better you regardless of the levels in life you are seeking to improve and work upon. This could be at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level and no matter what stage in life you are currently at you will find below many… Read More »

Eden Reforestation Project

Eden Reforestation Project is helping to save lives in some of the poorest areas around the world by planting trees lost to deforestation       The bigger picture     The loss of trees through Deforestation is a tragedy for the many local communities that live off the land in particular within the third… Read More »

Natural organic products for bath body and home

Barenaturals, making a difference in the world with their natural organic products for bath, body and home     In the early days   While still studying as a student midwife, one of her research projects involved studying the effects chemicals (in particular Endocrine Disruptors) used in skincare and cosmetics products that have an effect… Read More »

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamps can help relieve stress, anxiety, improve the quality of air around you. This is great news for Asthma and Sinuses sufferers.       There has been an increase in a demand for Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps for various reasons ranging from the aesthetic addition to the area rights to helping with… Read More »

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

For thousands of years, Cayenne Pepper health benefits are many. This hot spice is your friend one that could help prevent a heart attack.     “If you master only one herb in your life, master Cayenne Pepper. It is more powerful than any other.” Dr. Schulze   What is Cayenne Pepper?   Cayenne Pepper… Read More »

The Four Quadrants of Life

The Four Quadrants of Life is the makeup of your living essence of being at multiple levels in life. These include the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.     These four quadrants create the Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and the Physical aspects of this current existence that we are aware of at this present moment in… Read More »