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I don’t usually write poems but during a meditation, I was inspired to write the following hope you find a message within for you.


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I AM Light and so are YOU
You hold the power of light. For the light is always within you. Always know this: I AM LIGHT AND SO ARE YOU Namaste



Many times in life other people make excuses for not getting work done.

You, on the other hand, do your work and continue to have fun.

Many times in life other people quit.

You, on the other hand, refuse to have a dummy spit.

Many times in life other people say this is impossible to do.

You, on the other hand, wipe off the dust, sneeze, and get a tissue

Why do they fail when you have succeeded.

Perhaps you have shown that to continue you can achieve it.

So hope you don’t think I’m going to blow it.

I know I’m not a poet and you know it.

Because as you believe, you will receive

You have faith in your beliefs

And that is a relief.


You Are The Light


It is no sin to fight for what’s right.

For you are the light, that will take flight.

You will achieve this when you believe

And to succeed with your belief

And that will come as a relief

Know when you truly believe that you will succeed

And as you succeed you will achieve

Just like the Sun that warms everyone

You are the light that will shine for someone

And as they grow and see your light

They will fight to take the same flight

And once they see what you have shown

Their light within them will have grown.

For now, they know their light is within

They can now learn to begin


A New Seed Begins


So now you see what I see

For as the light grows within

A new seed begins

Now grow your seed let it be your treat

For what you sow so shall you reap


Always remember:


I am Light and so are You
I am Light and so are You


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The light is within you, let the light grow strong, for you are the Glory of all that is.

Always Strive to succeed and YOU will achieve

In Light and Love




Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre

I hope that some messages within the above post can resonate with you.

If it does please comment below, your input is of value.



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