Hold Your Future In Your Hands

By | February 17, 2020

Life Management For You is about helping you to Hold Your Future in Your Hands by learning How to Become a Better You. Regardless of what level in life, you are at.


This post has recently been updated for your benefit in adding further value to your life at all levels.



This could be at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level and no matter what stage in life you are currently at you will find below many areas that can be of service to your benefit in life.

No matter what stage in life you're at. You will always have the choice to be a better person than you were yesterday Click To Tweet


Be Better than you were yesterday.




Below are various categories that can be beneficial in taking control of your life for you.

As you learn and grow, others will see the light growing within you that can show them how to be better just like you.


Ho’oponopono course and books available for your leisure.


Do you wish to learn how to clean the many blockages present in your life and others?

Learn how to clean and release past, present emotions to clear away currents issues in life.

Learn about the benefits of the Hawaiian healing technique called Ho’oponopono mentioned in Joe’s At Zero and Zerolimits noted below?

How about becoming certified as a Ho’Oponopono practitioner.

Dr. Joe Vitale has introduced a brand New Ho’oponopono Certification Course here is your opportunity to learn more and become a better you.  Click Here!



Further reading on Ho’oponopono

To help support your knowledge base on books associated with Ho’oponopono


At Zero: The Quest for Miracles Through HoÂoponopono

Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More

Ho'oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life's Fulfilment Ho'oponopono Secrets: Four Phrases to Change the World One Love to Bind Them


Learn to become a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and more with the Reiki Master Home Study Course.


This included Reiki 1, 2, Distant Attunements along with the Master/Teacher Certification.

To learn more about what is available follow the link below to learn how to become a healing channel to benefit yourself and others.
Perhaps when you feel ready even teach and create your own Reiki Business.

Further reading on Reiki

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui

The Reiki Beginner's Bible

Reiki: Zen Meditation, Spa, Healing & Relaxation Music

Reiki: Reiki Meditation: Strengthen Body & Spirit and Increase Energy with Reiki Healing and Meditation - Complete Guide


Law of Attraction


Learn to become a Law of Attraction Practioner

Gain valuable tools for harnessing The Power Of The Law Of Attraction as well as unique tools for life in this intensive, power-packed course.

Your future as an LOA Practioner is here Just follow this link provided for you Click Here!


Further reading on LOA (Law of Attraction)



The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham


Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Goal Planner & Organiser

The Secret By Ronda Byrne


Self-Help from Inspirational Teachers and Writers

Heather Fraser

Heather Fraser is one of the great inspirational writers I have personally known.

From Dundas Ontario, Canada Heather has written many books and the best and most inspiring of them all is Morning Mystic.

A powerful and profound E-Book also available on Kindle will help to inspire and bring out the best in you.

When reading Morning Mystic you will find many lessons in life many will associate with one way or another.

So many have benefited from her inspirational teaching including myself and I highly recommend this majestic e-book that I know will benefit you as well.

Do yourself a favor,  get the book now, and be inspired and move up to the next level in life.



Morning Mystic: Simple Teachings from the Silent Peace of God on Living with Ease, Grace and Beauty

Morning Mystic. Heather Fraser |Hold Your Future in Your Hands


The above E-Book is available via Kindle which you can get the free Kindle app from Amazon when you purchased this magic elixir of knowledge.

Heather’s lessons in life are simply based on three wonderful principals that Heather lives by.

Love, Create, Serve.

Aside from her books you can also visit Heather’s Website and gain so much in spiritual advice and more.


Louise Hay 

Louise Hay is known as one of the best and most important pioneers in self-help, helping to teach others in learning to truly love who you are and one of the best teachers in life you could find.

Louise has always focused on helping many people become better than they were yesterday.

Through the many teachings, Louise has produced not only many top-selling books on healing oneself but also via Hay House which she founded continues to help many along their journey in life.  Truly one of the greats and many of her teachings are a must-have if you wish to go forward in life.

Truly one of the greats and many of her teachings are a must-have if you wish to go forward in life.

You can also visit Hay House Radio that will help you gain further valuable information in life from many others some of which I will mention further below as we expand.

There are so many but here is a start.


Tune in to HayHouse Radio learn how to become a better you


Below are just a small portion that is available to you from Louise Hay.

Hold your future in your hands The Essential Louise Hay Collection

Hold your future in your hands.Louise Hay Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life
Love Yourself, Heal Your Life Workbook (Insight Guide)Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life

Stay tuned as there is more to come soon.



We Can Teach Anyone How To Build A Successful Online Business



For now, I would love to know if you have any of the above or how you have benefited from what you have gained in life.

If you have other books you feel would be great to share here let me know.

Here are many more added books for your benefit


Top Self-Help Books


Motivational quotes ebook



As Always


Namaste The Journey begins with you


2 thoughts on “Hold Your Future In Your Hands

  1. Jenna Foster

    Aloha Andre!

    I enjoyed your wonderful compilation of detailed information on how to prepare for the future in the present moment. The best thing is that I can put some checkmarks on the things I have done. I love to checkmark accomplished things. 🙂 It is so pleasant! Very rewarding!
    My checkmarks:
    I did the Ho’oponopono Practitioner course, and also became the Usui Reiki Master. I tried and still use different methods to get in alignment with the Law of Attraction. Or better with Universal Life Energy. I watched the movie The Secret and read the books by Rhonda Byrne. I read the books by Louise Hay, still use the Power Cards she developed and benefit from her wisdom.

    I’m also a happy member of the Wealthy Affiliate community building my online business with the amazing support of beautiful souls like you, Andre!

    Of course, I did many other things and read many other books you didn’t include …
    And yes, I benefited greatly from all the things I did and tried. Sometimes I didn’t recognize the signs like for example the book The Secret that I first held in my hands in 2006, but eventually, started in 2009 I did some serious self-development in this direction.

    I learned, there aren’t any small steps we go, and there is not the book or the method that will show us the truth. There are countless puzzles of information and experience that we collect until we can see the big picture!
    Thank you, Andre, for being a big part of my journey!

    Sending much Love and Light your way!
    Aloha, Jenna

    1. Andre Post author

      Hi Jenna

      Thank you for the visit most appreciated.

      Yes there are indeed many more books of importance for our forward journey in life.

      These are just the first choice of some of the most popular ones. But you are correct Jenna there are many more that certainly can be of service to all.

      Glad you did the Ho’oponopono course along with the Usie reiki Master course congrats on that.

      I have done both as well along with some other courses along my journey in life.

      All have their merits and all have many wonderful lessons to be learned just like the Spiritual books mention here.

      Regardless of how much we read or learn elsewhere, it is up to us as the soul that we are to move forward in the most positive of ways.

      So glad I have helped you along your journey and glad you have taken those steps in life to go forward in the light.

      I know you will continue to shine the light from within for others to see their own light and grow from there.

      Sending you much Love, Light and Pono your way


      Aloha, Andre


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