White Sage Smudge Sticks

White Sage Smudge Sticks have been used for centuries; The Native American Indians would purify and renew the energy around them in a term called Smudging.

Smudging a Ritual to Remove Negative Energy


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It is not just the Native American Indians that would use White Sage Smudge Sticks, which is a traditional and spiritual ritual used by many cultures worldwide.

Yet the main purpose is the same that is to clear the negative energy that has been collected around them or the living area; by doing so, it helps to rebalance and renew the positive energy from the surroundings.

However: Not all Sage is the same.

Standard Sage Plant
White Sage
White Sage

Under the Genius of Salvia, there are many different Sage species, including the ones mentioned above.

Some species are mainly grown; as ornamental flowers, some for landscaping purposes due to the many varieties of coloured flowers they produce. Some like the common Sage is used in cooking to enhance the flavours in many dishes.

There is Common Sage, and there is White Sage.

Among the many varieties of Sage, the Common Sage is the herb normally grown to use culinary dishes.

However, their use does not stop at the cooking stage. There is more to this variety of Sage than meets the eye.

Although there is too much to discuss here, a separate article has been posted, showing the many other benefits of Sage.

This will enable us to focus more on the benefits and uses of White Sage below.

You can find this separate article of Sage by selecting this link when you are ready.

White Sage

Gandolf The White Sage
Gandalf the White Sage

Sorry, I meant the other White Sage. That’s better.

White Sage Plant
White Sage

We will discuss what many, Native Americans, Healers of past and present, along with many spiritual people, have known this to be.

Smudging with White Sage Smudge Sticks helps to purify, restore and rebalance the energy by cleansing any negative energy lingering around. Share on X

White Sage the Sacred Herb

White Sage is considered a special and sacred herb that is used in a term called Smudging to purify and cleanse the negative energy around. 

It is interesting to note that the Genius name that is given, Salvia, is associated with Sage, especially White Sage.

Salvia comes from the Latin name Salvus, which means to feel healthy, safe, unharmed, or saved, which connects well with the benefits and uses of White Sage, as we will find out now.

Most commonly used to negate the negative energies within and around the body and area surrounds.

Traditional ceremonies

For hundreds of years, if not more, traditional ceremonies would use White Sage, both for clearing rituals as well as for personal use.

Many Native Americans, along with Sharman’s around the world and those with spiritual interests who know and understand the importance of such benefits, still use the cleansing rituals to this day.

During times of struggle, stress, challenges, and even confrontation, people would call upon the power of White Sage, where it became a respected and honoured friend.

Methods used

The best method is called smudging.

Smudging with White Sage

This is where the White Sage leaves are bundled together to form smudge sticks.

From here, the tips of the leaves would be burnt; then, once the fire has gone, allow the smoke to be generally fanned gently either around the person or area that is requiring the cleansing.

The Sage sticks, when burnt, release negative ions.


The negativity that you do want.

Ions are molecules that, due to atmospheric forces or, as stated above, environmental influences, have either lost or gained an electron.

The positive ions are molecules that have electrons missing and negatively impact the body and environment.

An excess of positive ions can affect the environment and the human body, both in the physical and spiritual sense.

Dust collector

Consider the positive ions as a creator of dust that inhibits the body and the area around from moving freely and comfortably.

In time, this dust creates havoc on the body’s immune system and gives the unwanted feeling of being within an area that you struggle to move around without stirring up the dust around you. Negative ions are charged molecules that have gained the electron.

When negative ions attract and connect with the positive ions, they become charged, therefore dissipate the unwanted energies positive ions have allowed to linger on.

The negative ions become the dust collector allowing you the freedom to move and allow you to breathe comfortably with ease.

Feeling refreshed and good.

Have you ever felt that uplifting moment when after a period of dryness, the rain comes along and changes the atmosphere around you?

To the point, you feel relaxed and refreshed. Just ask any farmer during those drought seasons how it feels when the rain comes. What about when you are by the ocean.

Have you felt that feeling of serenity and relaxed atmosphere watching and hearing the waves crashing down on the beach as it moves in and out?

That is the example that negative ions can create, so these are the only form of negative that you would want around you.

Cleansing and clearing


When cleansing and clearing with White Sage helps to uplift the moods around the area and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

The leaves of the White Sage are bundled and tied together to form Smudge Sticks. (Refer to diagram).

White Sage Smudging Kit Gift Set

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This is the common practice performed and used by the Native Americans, Shamans, other healers, and the many spiritual people of today.

The White sage, when burned, produces negative ions as described further above.

It becomes the dust collector at the physical and spiritual level, aids in clearing away any unwanted energies lying around, which creates unnecessary feelings of negativity.

How to use Smudge Sticks for clearing and cleansing

This method is not only for ritual gatherings but can also be used on a personal level or around the home. Before you light the Smudge Stick, is it best if the following setup is maintained.


Considered by many, White Sage is sacred, as is the intention of the smudging you are about to perform.

  • If you are cleansing, say the whole home (depending on the size of the home or area), one stick will be more than enough.
  • However, if it is only for a smaller area or working on you, then a few leaves will be enough to work its magic.
  • Have a bowl ready to place the lit Sage in. Make sure the Bowl is heatproof, and if you place it on the surface, any heat generated from underneath the bowl will not create any issues.
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  • A smudging feather is normally used, but you can also fan the smoke using your hand.
  • When fanning the smoke, remember, you are also fanning burning embers, so be careful you do not overdo the fanning motion.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and ensure that you are not wearing anything that can easily catch alight should any embers fall upon you. This would also include ensuring that it is away from when lighting the smudge stick if you have long hair.
  • Common sense should be applied.

Method of use

  • Ensure that all windows and doors are closed, and there is no draft.
  • Before you light the White Sage, ensure you have your intentions set in your mind first. This way, you are giving a purpose for the Smudging and not just a regular clean-up.
  • Light the tip of the White Sage bundle until a flame appears. You can shake it gently or blow the flame out, ensuring that the embers are working and giving off the smoke.
  • When the stick or leaves start to smolder, place it in the bowl you have with you so you can safely carry it with you.
  • When clearing a room, it is best to start cleansing yourself first.
  • It is probably best to cleanse the whole home rather than just one room unless there is a specific reason or purpose in doing so
  • Should you be doing some cleaning around the whole home, don’t forget to work on the entrance areas and when most traffic is around the home.


The main aspect here is to use your intuition of what you feel is best.

  • Once a nice smoke is going, use your feather or your hand and direct the smoke over your body from the feet up to your head. Direct the smoke one more time, this time from the head back down to the feet
  • For those who wish to use incantations, you would say what your intention is for the cleaning and cleansing.
  • For other’s who may be uncomfortable with incantations, you can imagine the smoke taking away with it any negative energy from your life or the area smudged.
  • When you have cleared the energies, you can start with the room beginning in one corner.
  • Direct the smoke from the ground up to the ceiling again, saying either your desired incantation or visualizing the negative energies being absorbed by the smoke
  • Repeat this procedure for each corner. Once completed, go to the center of the room and, once more, direct the smoke from the ground up to the ceiling.
  • For other areas, as stated above, work on the entrance areas and where most. traffic is seen
  • When you have cleared the space, allow the sage bundle to burn out or gently press it out.
  • It is always best if you have a sage bundle to use along with loose leaves as well.
  • You can find various sizes here should you have difficulty finding them in a store.

California White Sage, 2-Packs
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What is your preferred method?

Do you have your own method of clearing you would like to share with others to know?

What about any incantations you may use?

Perhaps you have some visualization techniques you wish to share that may help your fellow soul traveller.

If so, I would love to hear from you.

As Always

Namaste The Journey begins with you. Andre
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