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I AM Light and so are YOU

I don’t usually write poems but during a meditation, I was inspired to write the following hope you find a message within for you.             Many times in life other people make excuses for not getting work done. You, on the other hand, do your work and continue to have… Read More »

The Body Mind Soul Spirit

The body is the vehicle that has been modified for the mind and soul to interact on behalf of the spirit in its journey to enlightenment.   The Physical Body   In previous articles, we have discussed the first three aspects of the Four Quadrants of Life.  Now we discuss the final and fourth aspect… Read More »

What is the Third Eye Chakra

This Chakra relates to intuition, insight, clairvoyance (Ability to see non-physical energy) and Clairaudience (Ability to hear non-physical energy)   The Sixth Chakra   Sanskrit Name: Ajna. Other Names: Third Eye Chakra Location: Located towards the centre of the forehead between the eyes. Attributes: This Chakra relates to intuition, insight, also clairvoyance (Ability to see… Read More »

What is the Throat Chakra

Cat got your tongue? Do you get regular sore throats for no apparent reasons? This could indicate an imbalance with your Throat chakra.     The Fifth Chakra Sanskrit Name: Visuddha. Other Names: Throat Chakra Location: Located in the throat region. Attributes: This Chakra relates to communication and self-expression. Alignment: When in balance you are… Read More »