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Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamps can help relieve stress, anxiety, improve the quality of air around you. This is great news for Asthma and Sinuses sufferers.       There has been an increase in demand for Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps for various reasons ranging from the aesthetic addition to the area rights to helping with various… Read More »

Making Changes To A Better Life

Learn How to Manage Your Life For The Better by Making Changes To A Better Life. Be it Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, or Physical. The Journey Begins With You.   Welcome to life management for you where you will be able to explore various areas of interest that may be of benefit to either yourself, a… Read More »

What is the Crown Chakra

If The Heart Chakra is the gateway towards spiritually then What is the Crown Chakra? When the gateway has opened your pathway to higher consciousness begins Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara. Other Names: Crown or Supreme Chakra Location: Located towards the center of the top of the head. Attributes: This Chakra is the gateway to pure consciousness… Read More »

Fennel Seed Benefits

Enjoy a healthier body with the benefits fennel seeds have to offer, ranging from Weight loss to helping prevent Cancer it’s all for you.           Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a plant belonging to the Parsley Family along with Dill, Cumin, Caraway, Carrots, Celery, Coriander, Parsnip and Parsley to name a few.… Read More »